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Pitching Rotation?

Has an MLB team every had a 6 man rotation, and is it even allowed. The Cubs could have on this year if it was possible. 1Z 2Hill 3Lilly 4Prior 5Miller 6Marquis. Also wouldn't it be a smart thing because pitchers wouldn't be throwing so many innings causing less injuries?

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    There is no rule in Major League Baseball that limits the number of pitchers in a starting rotation. You could conceivably have a 6-man starting rotation, but most pitchers have their clock set to pitch every 5th day.

    There were times in history that teams did have 6 regular starters, especially when they had double-headers nearly every Sunday. But then the starters also pitched in relief between starts, normally the day that the current starters throw between their scheduled starts.

    There is thought that the injuries are not from pitching too much, but pitching too little. Once a pitcher has physically matured (normally at about age 25) they are better able to throw more innings.

    I feel for you as a Cubs fan, but remember that many of Mark Prior's frequent trips to the disabled list and rehab are not caused from pitching but other injuries.

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    Yea no rule against it. I agree that it is hard to find four or five starters . As for less injuries I doubt it. Yes some injuries are from overwork. However as many if not morecome from poor mechanics, over throwing , or not warming up enough. Also even if you can find 4 average pitchers for your 6 man rotation. This mean your ace and # 2 pitchers would pitch once a week. So that is 4 starts a month verses 5 starts a month with a five man rotation. You take away 4 starts from your worst pitcher and give them to you top two in a month. So in a year that is 6 starts for your top two pitchers

    You can see the down side. Having aces that get injuried constantly you need toget new aces.

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    Of course it's allowed. There is no rule that states how a baseball team is contrived. If you want to have 8 position players, and the rest of your team is your pitching staff, you may under the rules of baseball. It's entirely up to the management of the team. When I first started watching baseball in 1981, some of the teams were still going with 4-man rotations, and those 4 starters were expected to finish what they started. Relief pitchers were pitchers on your staff who were not good enough to start. Today, relievers are specialized. It's very different now, than 25 years ago, and even 50-100 years ago.

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    Lots of teams do it on occasion, especially towards the end of the season when there's a 40 man roster and pitchers maybe need an extra day off. But as for all season long, no.

    The Cubs aren't likely to do it, either. They'll probably keep one of those guys in the pen, or at AAA as an insurance policy.

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    Nope, never been done. There is no rule saying you can't do it. Teams wouldn't do it because they very rarely have 3 or 4 good starters, much less 5. Why put a 6th man out there that would be even worse.

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    The Mets had one when Bobby Valentine was coaching in 1999. He did NOT have it during the playoffs, but during the regular season.Orel Hershiser,Al Leiter, Rick Reed ,Masoto Yoshii,Octavio, Dotel, and Kenny Rogers.

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    no team has had one it would be allowed but, normaly you dont have that many good pitchers plus it would take starts away from your best pitchers.

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    Too bad Mark and Wade suck ***

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    yes the yankees had it and sometimes the mets had it

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