What does : euros per US dollar - 0.7964 mean??

i'm doing a world's fair project, and i need to find the monetary unit and exchange rate to the US, and all i found was this:

euros per US dollar - 0.7964

what does this mean? if u can, u can also find the anwers for me ^ ^

thank you~

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    Since others have told you what euros per US dollar - 0.7964 means, here are couple of website that might interest you forex (foreign exchange) market. The first one is from Wikipedia that give a brief explanation about the forex market.


    The main exchange rates that the currency traders (similar to stock brokers) are US dollars (USD) vs Japanese yen (JPY), British pound (GBP), European euros (EUR) and Swiss franc (CHF) and other combinations of these currencies. The USD, JPY, GBP, EUR and CHF account for almost 70% of all currency trading. There are other currencies as Aussies dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), Singapore dollar (SGD) that have smaller trading volumes. You also have other important currencies such as won (S. Korea), baht (Thailand), yuan (China), roubles (Russia), rand (S. Africa), peso (Mexico), etc.

    This next website has the exchange rate table


    FXstreet.com website could be a great source of information for your project with charts and exchange rates for many currencies from around the world.


    Here is another good site.


    Hope this helps & good luck on your project.

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    Euros Per Dollar

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    Amount of USD x 0.7964 = same amount of money in EUR

    Or: One USD will buy you 0.7964 EUR.

    You multiply the price in USD with the exchange rate per dollar to get the price in EUR. Here the exchange rate per dollar is 0.7964

    The inverse (dollars per Euro) is 1.31139. You multiply the price in EUR with the inverse exchange rate to get the price in USD.

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    That means that: 0.79 eUROS is euqal to 1 dollar.

    The best, and most accurate exchange rate website is. www.xe.com

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  • Anonymous
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    What the 3answerers above me said is correct.What they didnt tell u is currency rates changes everyday except weekends.So it might be 0.74euros today but cud be 9.2 then next. Good Luck with ur fair.

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    It means that one US dollar is equal to 0.7964 Euros.

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