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rly bad head achs?

what does it mean if u have a head ach for allmost 2 weekes and its on and off but u get it every day for that full 2 weekes and no its worse and when i get the head achs now i feel rly weak and tired and i feel rly sick what typ of head ach could it be or what could be wrong i have not been o the doctors yet bc my parents wont take me bc they think it is just a stress head ach

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    HI Nichole

    Ask yourself the question "what is causing you headaches" and you will come up with an answer. The body gives us these signals to let you know the body is not in balance. Here are a few ideas and dont take any of them lightly.

    a. Stress (number one issue for all illness and disease)

    b. Lack of water (are you drinking at least half a gallon a day)

    c. Constipated (perhaps the most misunderstood issue the body has) Are you going at least twice a day?

    d. Nutrition (how many fruits and vegetables are you eating?)

    These are the most common and just addressing one of them will help with your issue currently.

    Best of health to you

    Source(s): experienced healing and educating many years
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  • Libby
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    Call your doctor and let him know what is going on.

    Have him talk to your parents about bringing you in to see him.

    I'm sure it is nothing serious but a 2 week headache should be checked by the doctor.

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    now, i don't want to scare you, but my friends mom had a head ache for three days straight and it ended up that she had an aneurysm....there's allways the possibility that it IS just a stress head ache, or you're just allergic to something and it's causing a migraine, both VERY common

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  • Anonymous
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    You should see a doctor. Ive had somthing like that and it was only cause of stress so im pretty sure its not serious.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    Read about all the different types of headaches at the site below. You can find out what to do.

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