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i want a new pet how can i get my mom to let me?

i want to get a gunnie pig how can i convince my mom into leting my get one ASAP

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    Well i dont know how fast you want one. But a couple of weeks ago this is what i did:

    I got a rock and predtended it was the pet i wanted. I gave it a name, fed it, had a cage for it, gave it water, played with it, cleaned its cage (which i made out of things around the house). Basicaly like it was a real animal. I did this to show my parents i was responisble enough to do it. Then i researched all about the animal i wanted and did a slide show on it. I reseached things like: behavior, how long they live, what they eat, and i had a price list of things i needed. At the end of the slideshow i listed things i did to make my rock pet feel for comfortable. You can also do a report if you dont have powerpint.

    My parents loved how much time i put into it and they get my get my hamster.

    i also got so attatched to my rock pet i still have it!!! Lol.

    Hope this helps. I would explain more but my little bro wants on. If you have any questions on ANYTHING just email me!

    good luck!

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    You must show an increase in responsibility and maturity. Then, if your mother doesn't notice - hint. (Or... act lonely? If you do this, your parents might think you're depressed, so this is a last resort.) For me, I just get good grades and clean a lot. A sign of cleanliness and caring. And it kind of depends on what kind of animal you want. A fish needs a clean bowl every now and then and a small amount of food whereas a dog needs to be trained, fed much more than a fish, and does not fit in a bowl. :) Good luck!

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    first tell her that u will take care of it and that u will clean his cage all by yourself. Then do some chores and tell your mom u were good and u deserve a guinea pig. thats what i did with my mom and it worked. hope it does with your mom too.

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    You can first try telling her you are the responsbul to take care of one. That she won't have anything to do with it and one more thing if you want to get one you are going to have to pay for it your self. That will get her to let you get one.

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    butter your mom up!!! && show her how responsible you are!

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