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Netherlands versus Venezuela (WAR)?

What do you think what happens if Chaves decides to start a war against the Netherlands to take over the dutch parts of the carrebian.

Use this link for some warpower information about both.

What kind of scenario might be there if NATO an cuba stay out of the conflict.

What kind of tactical sets would we see.

I need your well considerated opinion about it.

I'm curious about it.

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    the problem is the distance to send out the army would take that long the Caribbean Will be concerd by the Venezuela army, it depends on the determination of the dutch if the caribian be Will reconquerd, probably the wont go to war and going to try to solve it politically.

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    That is a complete nonsense.

    Venezuela has refineries in Curacao, and is a major contributor to that island's economy. A lot of people there wish that Shell hadn't pulled out, but they did, and Citgo stepped in to fill the gap. The Venezuelan national bank is one of the biggest banks in the ABCs.

    Also, bear in mind that the ABCs are not just Dutch territory, they are part of the European Union. Any threat of military action by Venezuela would be an assault on the mighty EU.


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    1 decade ago they have oil,fighters plane (wich are more better,then fighters of NATO for 3 times,so if you dont know planes SU,you dont know planes of future),they have prayer for good future...good leader,wich can show to his nation,that they must fight for but NOT AT THIS TIME....its yung country for powerfull...and its funy to think about hollandian gays wich fights with venezualian guys.....Holland will must send womens for this war...just such joke...:-))))......

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    neatherlands would win hands down, especially with the usa on its side!

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    no chance.

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