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how to access hidden disk partitions?

i have acer notebook travelmate4070. it has a hidden paritition (not shown in my computer nither in disk partition commond of windows) but it works for windows recovery by alt+F10 command. i made some changes in partitions due to which i no longer able to fix my computer with this can i see and access this partition and how can i use the data present in this partition.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the hidden partitionhas the opperating system files and recovery console installed on it....the idea of a hidden partition is that you can only access it with a specific command, and its there for recovery purposes....if you altered your hard drive and changed the partitions, depending on how you changed the partitions or whether you formatted the drive is going to determine if the hidden partition is even still there.....check the disk management portion of your pc to see if the partition is still there....go to the controlpanel and select the admin tools then go to computer management then select disk management and see if the drive shows the aprtition, if not then you cleared it out, if it is there then you still have a shot at recovering the command to access it but you still won't be able to access it throught the gui interface as it is still set for recovery can install the recovery console built-in to the windows disc from a folder that probably resides on your the c:windows directory there should be a folder labeled i386....if you have it you can set up for the option to boot into recovery console, if not then you will need to have a copy of XP to do it. Otherwise you need to find the recovery disc that came with your pc as this has the same info on it as what is in the hidden partition and could be used to recover that info or at the very least get the ooption back in the bootup sequence.

    go to for info on how to do this and other tweaks and tools

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  • In your system some settings may change, see the below site for full answer

    How to Hide or unhide Hard disk drives in windows

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  • 5 years ago

    i i formated my partition c of the hard disk and deleted after which i can see the partition, how can i access the partition.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    im not sure how u would use the data without seeing it .... but u should be able to unhide the partition with a partitioning app like partition magic ...

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  • download powertools tweak utl from m.s. there is a feature in side that allows to check mark / uncheck mark drive to hide or reveil

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