Has anyone been to Namibia?

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    Amazing place, visited twice because I loved it so much. I definitely recommend you visit Soussevlei and see all the dunes, including Dune 45. There's a ghost town further south which is also a neat place to visit.

    The people are very friendly, we got lost outside of Windhoek and a family nearby offered to help us find our way back to the capital city. It is also quite a modern place, as in up to date politics wise.

    But there isn't too much to do in the capital city, so you must definitely visit the dunes.

    Source(s): Visited in 2004, and again in 2005.
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    I have been to Namibia, it is a wonderful and beautiful country. I will definitely recommend a holiday there.

    I was there once for a 4 week holiday with husband, and later on in 2004 I lived there for a year while I was doing research on social spiders.

    Highlights in Namibia are Etosha, the Namib-Naukluft national park with the magnificent red sand dunes, Spitzkoppe & Swakopmund. Windhoek is a lovely capital as well, nice shopping area.

    I would definitely reccommend hirering a car and drive around yourself and book your own accomodation.

    Otherwise there are lots of tourgroups that does wellplanned trips.

    Feel free to send me an email if you want more specific information.

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    Howzit ekse!!

    I'll be going to Namibia on the 16th April '07... its nothing too fancy. We will mostly be back-packing and only sleeping at fancy hotels where we are planning to stay longer... I used to live in South Africa and from what I know they're similar...

    More info:



    good luck (hope i was of use)

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