i will be heading to san francisco's china town tomorrow?

where is the best place to park and walk to places in that area. i have never been there before.also where are the good and cheap dim sum restaurants. .. what stores or attractions do they have? any suggestions would be great thanks!

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    1 decade ago
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    The website below will help give you an overview, but what i remember from my trip is that Grant Street has alot of little shops selling all kinds of oriental things and there are small places to eat along the way in some blocks. Stockton street which I believe is one street over is more traditional where the chinese that live in Chinatown shop and purchase items that they use in their own kitchens, etc. It really is a magical, colorful area and you'll have a wonderful time.

    As far as food, i copied this from one of the websites below and the article goes on the give the names and addresses of great, inexpensive restaurants:

    Chinatown Restaurants - San Francisco

    This section includes my own recommendations on places for Asian food including Japanese, Thai, Korean and Chinese food. San Francisco has the best Chinese & Thai restaurants in America. But you aren't in Michigan anymore Toto-- these places are more authentic and it shows. You need to try a few new things and not stick to just what you know. This is the food of people's motherland's, and it is authentic. No question, SF has THE BEST Asian food in the country.

  • fonner
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    3 years ago

    J's advice for R&G is a robust one. additionally try city View eating place 662 Commerical highway - stable dim sum, reasonable fee. Henry's Hunan on Sacramento at Kearney - exceedingly spiced and super, do no longer omit the Diana's Meat Pie

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    1 decade ago

    best place to eat is the wonton cafe. Its on 17th ct. They have really good live chicken

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    1 decade ago

    take a scooter.

    and cruise the town.

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