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how do you sterilize a needle?

trying to peirce my ears and i want to know how to sterilize a needle?


thanks to all you guys! those are great answers, and i think i found my answer. i have one last question though; what is the smallest size of ear gauges??

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    boil it in water

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    How To Sterilize A Needle

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    Good question. Couple of possible answers: 1. the executioners are trained in medical techniques by medically trained persons without thought as to what the executioners were going to do with their skill. In other words, a no-brain-exertion situation. 2. some health and safety inspector has come up with the idea that the execution may fail, and the prisoner may then die of a rampaging infection. That said, I am surprised that a reusable needle was used rather than a sterile single-use needle. Was this a video of a real event?

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    Well for starters it's best to pierce with a hollow needle not a sewing needle. Also once a hollow needle is used it MUST be thrown out and cannot be sterilized. A hollow needle literally cuts a piece of flesh out. So you do not want to keep a needle with a tiny bit of flesh lodged inside rotting and try to use it again. Gross isn't it.

    Hollow needles can be bought allot of times at places that sell piercing jewelry. Or if you know someone who works in the medical field they probably have one sealed in the package still laying around that they forgot and carried home.

    If all you have access to is the solid needle then make sure it is a brand new needle. This way it is less likely to have scratches or any imperfections to the surface. Any imperfections make it harder to clean the needle. Boil for at least 15 minutes to be on the safe side.

    Also wash your hands very well especially around the fingernails. Clean the ear with alcohol and sterilize the earring also.

    Source(s): Pierced my own 8 times.
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    Dry Heat:-

    Fire: A direct flame sterilizes metals at red heat. This principle is used to sterilize the acupuncture needle in hot needle therapy. The needle is held over a spirit lamp flame, till the shaft of the needle becomes red hot. When the .metal is at red heat, no organism thrives, on it, and, hence, it is a good method of sterilization.

    Hot air ovens/ Microwave:- Hot air, is maintained at 160*:C for 1 hour, or 1800C for 20-30 minutes. At this temperature sterilization takes place.

    Moist Heat:

    Boiling in water:-Boiling water at 100"C for 10-20 minutes destroys most vegetative organisms, but some spores may yet remain. Hence boiling, though a common method of disinfections: it does not guarantee the sterility of the needles.

    Chemical Methods

    The commonly used chemicals at the present time are:-

    Surgical spirits - 70% alcohol.

    Cetrimide (Cetavion).

    Chlorhexidine (Hibitene).

    Chloroxylenol (Dettol).

    These chemical methods have only disinfecting properties. There are many spores and viruses that withstand their action.

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    how do you sterilize a needle?

    trying to peirce my ears and i want to know how to sterilize a needle?

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    Flame I guess. People used to flame sterilize needles to inoculate people. I'm sure they still do where supplies are short.

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    Needles can be sterilized with rubbing alcohol, or they can be boiled in distilled water for ten to fifteen minutes, and they are good to go....

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    Hold the tip in a flame, candle or match, for a couple of seconds. Hold with tweezers so you don't burn your fingers, as the heat will travel up from the point. After piercing, be sure to keep your earlobes clean with rubbing alcohol until they heal. Use gold posts as soon as you pierce, do not use wire hoops, they will cut. Best wishes

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    Rubbing alcohol. I pierced my lip at home and it is fine. It healed up fine. Just make sure u keep the piercing and jewelry clean once you pierce yourself.

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    Don't use a will leave a slight residue when fire causes things in the air to react. Rubbing alcohol is best.

    But you should get professionally pierced.

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