I have the newest version of Itunes, but for some reason it won't shut down without giving me an error messege

After I see the message I clicked on more info and this is what is shown:

Error Signature

App Name: Itunes.exe


Modname: Unknown


The message constantly comes on now when about a week ago maybe it did it about once a week. I have uninstalled itunes and quicktime and reinstalled both, but I still have the same problem. I also tried to downgrade to Itunes 6, but I message that says something about a newer version was at some point installed. What do you guys suggest?

Also does anyone know a free program that will play my Itunes playlists & streams without hooking up my ipod?


Just so you guys know I have unistalled the new version and I tried to go back to old version, but but the old version of itunes will not install because it sees that at some point a newer version of Itunes had been installed. Even though the newer version is not installed the old version will not install either.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try the older version...that might work better..

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