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Is there a website where I can learn "chat" speak?

I would like to learn what are the most common abbreviations used when chatting or text messaging (like LOL, BRB etc). I know a few but I'm new at this.

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    This one is pretty good. hagd

    AFAIK -

    "As Far As I Know"

    AKA -

    "Also Known As"

    ASAP -

    "As Soon As Possible"

    BTW -

    "By The Way"

    BRB -

    "Be Right Back"

    FAQ -

    "Frequently asked questions"


    "F'Off And Die"

    FWIW -

    "For What It's Worth"

    FUBAR -

    "F'd Up Beyond All Recognition"

    FYI -

    "For Your Information"

    GD&R -

    "Grinning, Ducking and Running (After snide remark)"

    GG -

    "Good Game"

    HAND -

    "Have A Nice Day"

    HTH -

    "Hope This/To Help(s)"

    IANAL -

    "I Am Not A Lawyer (But...)"

    ICCL -

    "I Could Care Less"

    IDK -

    "I don't know"

    IHTFP -

    "I have truly found paradise" (or: I hate this f'n place)

    IIRC -

    "If I Recall Correctly"

    IMHO -

    "In My Humble Opinion"

    IMO -

    "In My Opinion"

    IYKWIM -

    "If You Know What I Mean"


    "If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do"

    JM2C -

    "Just My 2 Cents"

    LOL -

    "Laughing Out Loud"

    NH -

    "Nice Hand"

    OTOH -

    On The Other Hand

    PITA -

    "Pain In The ***"

    PMFJI -

    "Pardon Me For Jumping In (another polite way to get into a running discussion"

    PMJI -

    "Pardon My Jumping In (another polite way to get into a running discussion"

    PS -

    "Post Script"

    TIA -

    "Thanks In Advance"

    TPTB -

    "The Powers That Be"

    TTFN -

    "Ta Ta For Now"

    TWIMC -

    "To Whom It May Concern"

    ROTFL -

    "Rolling On The Floor Laughing"


    "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *** Off"

    RTFM -

    "Read The F'N Manual

    SOHF -

    "Sense Of Humor Failure"

    SWAG -

    "Scientific Wild *** Guess

    SWALK -

    "Sealed With A Loving Kiss"

    SPAM -

    "Stupid Persons' AdvertiseMent "

    WRT -

    "With Respect To"


    "What You See Is What You Get"

    YMMV -

    "Your Mileage May Vary" (You may not have the same luck I did)

    YWIA -

    "You're welcome in advance"

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    ha ha u r not computer savvy xD!!! lol

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    idk but u can try to look it up

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