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Rate my team, and tell me who to pick-up?

I'm in a 12 team keeper leauge. We keep 6 players and 2 rookies. We also have a minor leaguer who we keep for free unless he is called up.

My Team:

Catcher: Chris Iannetta (Colorado Rookie Catcher)

1st Baseman: Adrian Gonzales

2nd Baseman: Brian Roberts

Shortstop: Felipe Lopez

3rd Baseman: Eric Chavez, Garrett Atkins, BJ Upton

Outfield: Carl Crawford, Ichiro, Jeff Francouer, Luke Scott

Utility: Adam Lind (rookie from toronto)

Starting Pitchers: Scott Kazmir, Ervin Santana, Jeremy Sowers, Mark Prior, Ian Snell, Anibal Sanchez

Relieving Pitchers: Brian Fuentes, Bob Wickman, Joe Borowski

Top Free Agents:

Eric Byrnes

Gary Matthews

Nick Johnson

Ray Durham

Melvin Mora

Jacque Jones

Chad Tracy

Craig Monroe

Kenny Rogers

Jose Contreras

Ted Lilly

Grag Maddux

Cliff Lee

Zach Duke

Kelvin Escobar

Obviously, my weakness is pitching. Please rate my team and tell me to Add/Drop any of my players for other players.

We start one of each position, one utility, 2 SP, 2RP, 3 P




My minor leaguer is Jose Tabata (NYY)

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    Your overall team is not very good. I really don't think your going to win this year. Keeping that in mind that doesn't mean you can't be in the top few teams. I actually like your Relievers I like Fuentes but you should virtually stay away from any pitchers from Colorado. Judging by your picks it looks like your a Rockies fan... you shouldve known not to take Rockies pitchers that park destroys that team. Your first baseman is not cutting it. There are plenty of guys to take at first base not getting a real good one just isnt acceptable. First Base is pretty much everybody's staple guy. Your shortstop is absolutely horendous! Your outfield needs help... Crawford and Ichiro are great but the other two don't give you JACK! You don't need three 3rd basemen. Your going to have to give somethin to get somethin. So plan on trading your bigger players for a more balanced team. The best Free Agents up there are Mora, Tracy, Rogers, Contreras, Maddux, and Duke. I'd pickup Contreras and Maddux if I were you. That will solidify your rotation a bit better than it is. Then trade for a 1st baseman, Shortstop, and Outfielder. I am going to tell you this team is a real mess. I am positive you are not going to win your league. But if you make considerable upgrades there is no reason why you can't contend for the top few spots. good luck.

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    I would try to trade one of your 3B for another SS or 2B. Upton has some upside, especially in a keeper league but I would rather have Atkins or Chavez. I would pick up Contreras for Sowers. Rogers might be good for 1 more year as he is 40+. Cliff Lee is better than Sowers or Snell, but he is hurt and might start the season on the DL. Zach Duke has a ton of upside, but like Snell, he pitches for Pittsburgh and won't get many wins. I wouldn't recommend any of the other FA pitchers. I would keep Prior on a short leash. He is awesome when healthy, but he hasn't been for the last 3 years.

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    Idk this looks kinda weak on the hitting... you got the guys who get the hits but you don't have the guys for power... and i'm not seeing much in the top free agents for power... maybe melvin mora but i would start chavez over him.

    On pitching its a little risky to have prior right now so i say drop him for now and pick up Jose Contreras, Cliff Lee , or maybe even Kenny Rogers. but if prior starts off good you can always pick him back up.

    bullpen is about a 7 out of 10

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    Drop Upton and Scott. Pick up Kenny Rogers and Jacque Jones. Pick up Ted Lily for Prior.

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    Try picking up Kenny Rogers for Ian Snell, pick up Nick Johnson for Lind, Ianetta isn't good either but you could looks for someone.

    Not a good team at all... maybe 65 of 100.

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    this team has too many old guys and youngsters, if they live up to their hype, then the team looks good. like you said, pitching is a major problem. trade away dan uggla for a pitcher (rich hill, dave bush, etc.) pick up ted lilly and nick johnson. greg maddux might have a good year so pick him up. drop sowers and sanchez. trade away b j upton and pick up chad tracy.

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    its good but get kenny rogers ray durham jacque jones and drop some player

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