how does a washing machine regulate the water that is added?

i mean, what kind of device does a washing machine use. does it measure the water like a flometer or what?

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    My Maytag uses a simple manometer. As water in the basket rises, some of it enters and compresses the air in a vertical tube. The air pressure operates a spring-loaded switch that allows the depth of the water to be adjusted. More pressure on the spring translates to more pressure required to trip the switch and stop the water flow into the tub, hence more water in the tub. Sometimes (like every fifteen or twenty years) the hose gets detached from the manometer switch, or the hose starts leaking and the tub will no longer fill to the proper level. This is an easy do-it-yourself repair on my washer. Your mileage may vary.

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    A solenoid regulates the water level,If your solinoid isnt working water will not shut off

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