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just another example of Republicans being nothing but disgusting ,lying, criminal hypocrites. Prove me wrong?

"Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe"

WASHINGTON - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich acknowledged he was having an extramarital affair even as he led the charge against President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, he acknowledged in an interview with a conservative Christian group.

The lie about family values, reasons for WANTING TO GO TO WAR, and just about everything said by them is a lie!

WHY THEN, are their still people in the general population still supporting them.


Bring it on Neoclowns, hit me with your best limp - wrist shoot. And don't stop till MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! And if your going to Flip-Flop on your support for Bush, then aren't you being UNPATRIOTIC?

Any other labels then used by Cons to describe the ANTI-Bush aggenda are quickly lossing any validity.

So you have sown,, so shall you reap!

And your reaping alot of American Citizens against your party, keep it up!!



I got just what I wanted, a bunch of idiot neoCLOWNS.

So let me get this straight, its OK to make charges about someone else, while your doing the exact SAME THING?

God, that is SICK LOGIC!!!

Update 2:

AND as for Clinton, he was being witched hunted by the cons for savings and loans situation.

When Ken Starr found absolutely no evidence on that, he switched to investigating Clinton's sex life.

Just remember this when the Dems start investigating the action of the Bush administration on one of MANY possible illeagal actions, and it goes side-ways and we end up charging the whole lot for being TRATIORS!!!

Update 3:


When Clinton was President, didn't the USA have one of the most successful economic,environmental,and generally admired countries in the world?

Sure beats the hell out of what this lying administrations has done so far..

Wait till bush does his swan song by attacking another country that really is not a threat to anyone.

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    WHY WOULD I DO THAT? you are correct, and in fact bush will go down as one of worst presidents ever!! as well as this morally corrupt republican congress! in fact, it is the american people who voted! for bush that will reap what they sow!! and that is years of terror this nation must live in now, due to the fear of terrorism that hte bush government brought upon us! the real fools in america are not only bush and company, but the fools who suporrt them! and their immoral policies! i am neither conservative or liberal! i ahte labels!! and vote according to my god give n concious!!

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    Now, now, settle down. This is not news. The affair was all over the news when it happened. For the umteenth time, Bill Clinton was not impeached for messing with an intern. He was impeached for lying under oath to a grand jury.

    What Mr. Gingrich did was against conservative values. That is hypocritical and this is coming from a conservative republican. You see? It isn't so bad to criticize one of your own leaders when he does something wrong.

    The fact that Mr. Gingrich did not live up to the family values we espouse does not mean there is anything wrong with those family values. Being true you your spouse or not fooling around with someone else's spouse is still the best way to live.

    President Bush may have had faulty information but he did not lie about anything. Here is the reason we are fighting in Iraq. There are no lies associated with it.

    We have been at war with radical Islam since Iran took our embassy people hostage during the Carter administration. We chose to ignore this disease known as international terrorism for decades. We finally realized that we are at war after the attack on 9/11. The only reason it ended up in Iraq right now is Saddam overplayed his hand. He would still be in power if he had cooperated with the UN inspectors. He liked making everyone believe he had horrible weapons. After 9/11 we could not take the chance that he did and might provide the technology to terrorists. Since we were still at war with Iraq since Dessert Storm, we took the opportunity to take out his perceived threat.

    The terror supporting countries in the region realizing the threat to them that a Free Iraq would pose, have been supporting the insurgency with money and sophisticated weapons. The disease of fundamentalist Islam tyranny cannot abide the cure that liberty brings to the long suffering people of the Middle East.

    There was a time when the Democratic Party would be second to none in defending America from foreign enemies. There was a time when the Democratic Party was the champion of freedom for all the oppressed people in the world. There was a time when the Democratic Party would have been on the front lines railing against the oppression of women in the middle east.

    But today, the Democratic Party is the party of hate. Just read the postings on this site by Liberal Democrats. Count how many times they use the word hate. How many times have they disparraged the President. Do you know how that disrespect plays in Islamic countries?

    The Democratic Party is now defined by what they are against. There are no positive ideas. There is only vitriol against all who disagree with them and a socialist agenda that would make America resemble Cuba.

    I was once a Proud Democrat. That is no longer the case.

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    First off, Gingrich is a good teacher. He's a horrible politican. I won't defend him, but, on the same token, there are some out there, who are conservatives, that are good, decent people. To paint all conservatives with the same brush is the same as painting all black with the same brush as a convicted gangbanger. I'm not trying to offend you, but, you come off as an incridibly priggish and ignorrant excuse for a civilized person with this rant of yours.

    "... reasons for WANTING TO GO TO WAR..."

    Are the same reasons given by President Clinton's Administration to defend their bombings of Iraq, and the VX gas facility in Africa. Just read the Authorization that the US Congress voted to give Bush. (See links below)

    "and just about everything said by them is a lie!"

    That's pretty broad, and not reasonable, man. Stop being a butt, and try to use understanding and logic. You'd go off like a Roman Candle is a Conservative said this to you about Liberals. Don't deny it.

    For the record, I voted for Clinton. I voted against Gingrich, conversely, I voted for Bush, and supported a Libertarian to take the US House seat away from the Republicans. I did not vote for Bush the second time, but by no means did I vote for Kerry. I'm not a Conservative. I'm not a Liberal. Both sets of ideaologies are too far off in their ditches to work together to actually build anything of last value for my country, and for that, I say to both sides:

    You're pathetic. This is why I left both of you. You do nothing but squabble and waste my tax dollars, instead of actually trying to build anything. Didn't you folks learn anything in kindergarten?

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    The Republican Party is on a downward spiral that nothing can stop. The Libby trial, Newt Gingrich's hypocrisy - and he not even the latest example. Heard about the FBI abusing the power given to them by the Patriot Act? How about George Bush's disapproval of Congress requiring audits of the FBI's actions resulting from the Patriot Act? Why would anyone object to such an audit unless they expected abuse and problems? Seems to me Bush would welcome an audit if everything is so above board.

    It's only going to worse as we move toward the next election. There has not been a Presidential Administration so secretive and corrupt since Nixon's. January 20, 2009 cannot get here fast enough. Now we have to worry how much more damage Bush's Administration and their policies will do to our country before all is said and done. I feel for the next President - he or she will have a disgusting mess to clean up thanks to Bush and his minions.

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    1. Clinton was not investigated for his affair with Monica. Clinton was investigated for his part in the mail fraud and larceny that was more commonly known as Whitewater. During the investigation of that crime they uncovered stories of sexual harrassment and at least one allegation of rape. They followed the leads to his White House employees to check for more recent allegations of sexual harrassment... that lead to the Monica Lewinsky story. The feds ruled Clinton couldn't be tried for Whitewater becasue he was the sitting head of state. Arkansas agreed to suspend his law license for 5 years and fined him $25,000 to drop any remaining investigations into Whitewater. The special prosecutor who had devoted years to this was devastated all that work was for nothing. He finally got Clinton supoenaed to testify and it was a futile exercise, the judge would have ended the investigation except for one thing... when asked about Monica Lewinsky Clinton lied under oath. He was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice... the same charges Scooter Libby was convicted of. Clinton was NOT tried or charged with his affair with Lewinsky.

    2. The problem is the media changed the issue from the point of the real investigation (a huge fraud scheme that funded Clinton's political machine) to a stain on an intern's dress. They repeated that lie so often and so loudly that people forget the real reasons Clinton was investigated. So the media is being entirely disingenuous by associating Gingrich's infidelity with Clinton's "probe", beccause the probe was not about extramarital affairs or sex in the oval office, the media just turned it into that.

    3. The things Clinton was investgated for: fraud, mail fraud, larceny, perjury, obstruction of justice... are all crimes. Having an extramartial affair is not. Being divorced is not a crime either.

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  • Rich S
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    The same mental midgets that supported Clinton thru the barrage of his lies to everyone including the electorate and a grand jury. Glass houses do not withstand rocks throw by the corrupted logic of folks such as yourself. Your hatred overcomes any primal urges you may still enjoy where common sense is concerned. If your anger was properly directed against the enemies of the republic, I'm sure we would not be having this discussion.

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    You liberals crack me up and this question has been asked already! OK... the biggest problem with Clinton was perjury not the affair. Clinton was impeached for lying not being a pervert.

    Now how can you relate an affair with going to war? Are you that simple minded? Did you not know that Clinton had even though that Iraq had WMD's? When is that last time you heard a Republican call a Dem un-patriotic? The guilty conscious of the left began this discussion of patriotism not the right wing.

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    3 years ago

    the staff that claimed Obama lied is human beings for Tax Reform. it particularly is a appropriate-wing team based by way of Grover Norquist. They have been the countless businesses busted for helping Jack Abramoff illegally funnel money. they are not a non-partisan team and that i'm surprised Fox might use their "assessment" because of the fact the muse for an editorial. i'm additionally relatively shocked that Fox might obfuscate their id by using calling them "a taxpayer watchdog team" as a exchange of effectively choosing them right this moment-away. no longer very honest and balanced. you additionally can no longer like it, whether those are indisputable education. No non-partisan taxpayer watchdog artwork stress has made a an same declare.

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  • 4 years ago

    Criminal Records Search Database :

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'll go along with liars and hippocrites and what the hell, I'll take disgusting too. Show me evidence of a criminal act that Gingrich or Bush committed and I promise I'll take your side on that one too. It can't just be something you don't like it must be a crime - like lying under oath. You must provide evidence that didn't come from a blog.

    I don't have a mental illness and I don't support Bush in any way. As a rational person I would like you to cite your evidence of crimes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you were paying attention during the Clinton impeachment, you would remember that he was impeached for lying about his relationship with Lewinsky. Gingrich is trying to point out the difference by telling about his affair before someone else "outs" him. By "repenting" of his affair he is probably trying to drum up support from Christian fundamentalists who haven't given overwhelming support to any of the current candidates. If it works, he will probably run for president.

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