How many Jehovah Witnesses are there actually practicing?

Since they believe only 144,000 will make heaven, do each of them think they are 1 of those 144k and look at everyone else as a sucker?

You just gotta love cults.


Everyone keeps answering the 144 become priests, etc....still haven't answered my question, which is do you figure you'll be 1 of the 144k and the person next to you just gets salvation and is lower than you?

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    "Salvation" is not a synonym for "heaven". The vast majority of Jehovah's Witnesses expect their salvation to land them in perfect undying human bodies in a restored paradise earth.

    Each Jehovah's Witness "feels" his hope within him, and there are absolutely no incentives for deceiving oneself or one's fellow congregants about one's hope. Yet only about 1 Witness in 10,000 believes he has the heavenly hope.

    Currently, there are almost seven million active Jehovah's Witness proclaimers, but almost seventeen million associate themselves with the religion. About 8500 profess the heavenly hope.

    Source(s): Learn more: Incidentally, this questioner has implied that a person who serves in Christ's heavenly government is "better" than a person who is an earthly subject of that government. The questioner might consider whether typical governmental representatives in his country are "better" than typical civilians. Similarly, in God's government, the matter is one of assignment, rather than of relative worth, though of course God and Christ select fine representatives from among humankind.
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    A) How many Jehovah Witnesses are there actually practicing?

    Answer: They have about 6.5 million publishers and pioneers in over 97,000 congregations in more than 200 countries.

    B) Each of them think they are 1 of those 144k

    Answer: Incorrect, JW teach that the earth was made for humans and Jesus will restore the earth to a paradise, which is the original promise for the first human pair.

    Only those who God selects will be among the 144,000. (2 The 2:13,14) Most of the 144,000 were among the days of Christ but since people sin replacements are often time needed. Those are chosen are given Seals on their foreheads (Rev 7:3) given by the Holy Spirit (Acts 2) which were sealed with that Holy Spirit (Eph 1:13). So unless you were given notification by holy sprit you are among the great crowd (Rev 7:9).

    C) A Cult.

    Answer: From a theological standpoint the Roman Catholic Church as with other churches can be considered a cult.

    To enter into salvation (Jesus paved the way), one must live in obedience to the authority of the papacy.

    “For it is through Christ's Catholic Church alone, which is the universal help towards salvation.” (Vatican Council II, p. 456)

    d) Blood Transfusions

    Acts 15:29 "to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled and from fornication. If YOU carefully keep yourselves from these things, YOU will prosper. Good health to YOU!”

    Answer: Incorrect. JWs will NoT allow their children to die. Rather they will use other medical treatments and methods rather then using Whole blood such as:

    Blood donation strictly for purpose of further fractionation, Transfusions of autologous blood part of a "current therapy", Hemodilution, Intraoperative blood salvage, Heart-Lung Machine, Dialysis, Epidural Blood Patch, Plasmapheresis, Platelet Gel, Hemopure, PolyHeme, among others.....

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    I actually believe that I will NOT be going to heaven. God's original purpose for the earth was for perfect mankind to fill the earth and live upon it forever. That purpose has not changed. Once all wickedness is done away with, the earth will be restored to that condition. Righteous humans will be restored to perfection.

    It will be "heaven on earth", if you will. Read Psalms 37, the entire chapter.

    As for the 144,000, I personally know a few people who feel they will be a part of the heavenly class. Those ones will rule with Jesus.

    What is the point of ruling if you have no subjects. I, along with most people I know, will be of those subjects.

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    Do I personally think/feel I will go to heaven? Nope. Do I think that makes me better or worse than the next person? Nope. My Father feels he will be in Heaven. Does he think that makes him better than me? No, not according to him or his actions.

    Personally I see it this way. Who goes to heaven, who gets to live in a paradise Earth, who doesn't, it's all up to GOD. I can only try to be the best person I can. I feel it is right to follow the Bible, and thus am a Witness. It seems to me that since Jehovah set things up for man and woman to become fruitful and become many on the EARTH he would stick to this plan.

    PS It's kinda rude to ask a question about my faith and in the same breath call it a cult.

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    JWs believe that only 144k will go to heaven to rule with the Lord...they believe that everyone else will inherit a paradise on Earth.

    P.June- not bad for a non JW, eh? I defend JW whenever necessary.

    ark--- re: your update... they do not feel that someone gets salvation over them...they feel they are all saved - on earth...and will live forever, but 144k will rule in heaven. They seem to "know" who the members of their congregation are that have a heavenly path. These are good questions to understand what they believe. ;o)

    Source(s): I'm not JW but my husband was one and is now disassociated.
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    You've received some good answers above, but I also might add the the official number are just the active members. The actual number is 3-4 times that. My mother is not longer active due to health and age, but she is still a witness. She attends the meetings by phone hookup.

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    Only 144,00 will rule as kings and priests in heaven with Jesus.

    The rest of the saved will live forever in a paradise earth accoridng to God's original purpose when he put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

    All 6million + practicing JWs understand this.

    Update -

    Yep, Anna! Thanks for the support!

    Source(s): I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses
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    And check this out: Did you know that a Jehovah Witness will not accept a blood transfusion, even if it would save his or her life?! Also, a Jehovah Witness who is a parent would let his or her child die instead of letting the child have a blood transfusion to save his/her life! Can you believe this?!

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    Many of them are in Amway.

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    how ever many there are are to many. that is the only religion I can not stand. They are the only ones who have no respect for other peoples religions and we should respect everyone's religion no matter what it is. We don't have to except it or be a part of it, but respect them as people. Jehovah's have no respect.

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