wht is the significane of presenting research papers in a nation level compitationand how it helps in career?

I am talking about research paers not review papers

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, regardless of whether they are research or review papers, just the mere fact that you are presenting your paper in a competition means that you've got some gem of an idea there, or you're very well-known in your current circle or field - so much so that you're in the contest in the first place!

    Anyhoo, much of the significance has to do with the publicity generated by these competitions (this is regardless of "level", though national and international level competitions are viewed with more interest and renown). If your paper has some practical applications, then most of the people who want to apply it (or hire you for this or another related purpose) will be watching that contest. Even if you don't win, you still get exposed, and so long as you don't present something so bad as to gain notoriety for it, you should gain from this exposure anyway.

    Plus, if your research paper/thesis can help your nation or the world, then so much the better! This is the best platform for showing it off, by proving to them that it works!

    Career-wise, this can go into your resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae). Merely representing your group/school/company/instution is already a feat in itself. Winning the competition means that you are a person of certain caliber, and can deliver more in the designated field.

    Hope this helps!

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