Traveling from the USA to Israel in June on a tour package, what else to do suggest to do?

Are you allowed to attend other things on your own time? What are some good suggestions? They already told me about Tel Aviv Area. How do you think the people are towards Americans? Should I just go and party it up like everyone else?

1st Time Traveler, Food, Parties, Places, Etc, Etc.

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    -Israelis love Americans and most things American! So you'll most definitely feel very welcome. Most everyone speaks excellent English too (and most signs and many menus are in English), so communication won't be a problem.

    Definitely party it up! Tel Aviv is great for partying, especially the Port, Florentine, and Central Tel Aviv. The rest of Israel lags behind when it comes to parties.

    Food in Israel is awesome! But it's a bit pricy too. I strongly recommend going on a falafel diet! There's so much wonderful food in Israel. I recommend having the following: burekes (cheese, potato and onion, or mushroom filled 'bread pockets'--- kind of like ravioli), falafel, shawarma, kebab, Israeli salad (salads in Israel are amazing), humus/tahina, lafa (a thinner version of pita- it's kind of like a cross between a tortilla and a less starchy version of naan) and so much more. Food here is amazing!


    Jerusalem- Old City, Israel Museum, Yad Vashem, Israel Supreme Court (tour), Mea Shearim, so much more

    Tel Aviv- the beaches (!!!!!), Neve Tzedek (artsy neighborhood filled with great shops and cafes), Jaffa (it's sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful), Nachlat Binyamin (great artists' market that is open every Tues and Fri), the Diaspora Museum

    Haifa- the Bahaii Gardens and Shrines (soooo beautiful you won't believe it--- it's intoxicating!!!!)

    Caesaria- great beaches and water-side cafes and incredibly well preserved Roman port

    Acco- very scenic Crusader/Turkish port city

    Tzfat- the beautiful city in the northern mountains where Kaballah began (great shopping too in the market)

    Tzipori- very large and well preserved Roman city

    the Gallilee, Tiberias and Nazareth- the hot springs at Hamat Geder are especially worth a visit

    the Golan Heights- Migdal Nimrod, in particular, is worth a visit

    the Dead Sea- Masada is a must and Ein Gedi is a stunning desert oasis


    Enjoy your visit and if you have any questions whatsoever please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail/message and I'll help you as best I can!

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    first you should get to see most things on a package trip if not find one that lists all the places you visit and a total price from landing to leaving,if you are going to party why are you doing a tour do your own thing israel is an easy place to get around ok you may have to change buses etc to get to where you want the bus runs are from Jerusalem up to haifa via

    tel-avive or Jerusalem down to Eilat along the dead sea . look on the map to see the places on the bus route. nazareth is from Haifa or the yarkon turn off, and hurtzeliah beach area is in the yarkon aswell.these are the main party areas.

    there is a lot to do and see in Israel madaba the old Jesus boat take a step back in time go to where Jesus played as a child in nazareth village,

    Lovely place lovely people on the whole there is good and bad everywhere if you want to enjoy your time put the negative things to the back of your mind.

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    What you should see depends on what you're into. If you are into the beauty and uniqueness of nature, then Israel has some important attractions for you. You can't miss the Dead Sea, where you literally cannot sink. In the Negev desert there are "machteshim", unique crators formed by erosion. There are only 6 such geologic formations on the planet, and 3 are in the Negev. The Bahai'i gardens in Haifa are very beautiful. You shouldn't miss Jerusalem, and all of its religious significance, but I assume that will be covered in any tour you do. I should warn you, June will be HOT, especially in the coastal cities and non-mountainous cities. In cities such as Jerusalem, the days will be hot, but things cool down at night and it's quite beautiful.

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    usually on tours you do have time to do whatever you want. If you want modern stuff go to Tel Aviv, it is just as modern as any large US city. it is basicaly the New York City of Israel. if you want history go to Tzfat. If you want a restort like citygo to Eilat. If you want a mixture of Modern and past go to Jeruslem.

    though if you want to go somewhere to help out with something, like voulnteer go to Chadera. Chadera has a soup kitchen/department store for the poor people around there. it is very nicely set up and they would love your help.

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    No! at the starting up, if this kind of deliver holiday existed, the holiday itself could take MONTHS. You save in ideas the global Wars even as infantrymen got here again by boat? It actually took months, and that became from Europe. they can get over their worry of flying, because it truly is irrational. Air commute is safer than driving, you'll discover information on that everywhere. El Al is an particularly threat-free airline and they ought to get over their ineffective paranoia.

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    people are very nice!!! and yes you should party!! Tel Aviv is the right place to party BUT

    dont stop there:

    Yafo is beautiful

    you must see the dead sea


    and of course EILAT!!!!

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