Idea help. I cleaned out my freezer and food pantry, now what do I buy?

Besides getting rid of the food we really did not like. (I buy doubles of most things)

I got rid of things we had not eaten in a year. (scared to get weavels)

Now my food pantry and my freezer are about empty.

I Really could use your help with idea of what to stock up on.

I am sick of our houshold same old same old,

And yes I donated the good foods.

Thanks guys.

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    1 decade ago
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    try stocking up on things that you use the most... canned items, pasta sauces, pasta, soups, etc... I usually keep lots of meats so that in the summer I can cook and entertain.

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    I just had to clean out my cupboards due to some kind of tiny skinny black bug that likes rice.

    Since I cleaned out the cupboards, I only buy what I know we will eat. I am so happy to come home and find space to put things away.

    A cookbook you might like for trying new things is 'Saving Dinner'. It comes with weekly shopping lists. There is a link in my source section for the book. The second link gives you a look-inside the book at Amazon.

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    buy the usual condiments that you use in foods, like ketchup. also stock up on chicken breast, thighs, etc. (if you're a meat eater); buy some frozen vegetables and some canned goods like pineapples. i would also get dried goods, like pastas, rice, flour, etc.

    the point is to stock up on basic ingredients you need for everyday cooking, then look for new recipes and go shopping for the more "exotic" ingredients that you need. if you could new foods enough, pretty soon those new ingredients will wind up in your pantry/fridge and it'll fill up in no time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    chicken breast

    ground turkey rather then ground beef healthier and better for u

    whole wheat pasta or regular




    ice cream

    frozen pizzas


    bread whole wheat

    hot dogs

    and buns



    gordens fish






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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    buy the foods you eat most but you could change the way you prepare them. chicken, beef, fresh or frozen vegetables, icecream, juices, pasta, rice

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    Lean meat, salad greens, fresh and frozen vegetables, butter, katsup, mustard, lite mayonaise. salad dressing, milk, canned soup, broth, peanut butter, fruit spread.

  • foodie
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    1 decade ago

    buy chicken, meat, and ground beef, seperate into family size portions and freeze.

    *frozen vegetables



    *canned chili

    *tuna fish

    *canned vegetables


    *tomato sauce/paste/diced tomatos

    *Ice cream

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