Yet more Republican corruption. Are we really surprised?

New Mexico Republican Senator Pete Domenici - who is up for reelection in 2008 - is now facing a Senate Ethics Committee investigation and a possible obstruction of justice review for improper contact with a United States attorney.

Many of you have likely heard about the eight federal prosecutors who were fired by the Bush administration for what looks to be blatantly political reasons.

One of the dismissed prosecutors, David Iglesias, testifying in front of the Senate, said that Sen. Domenici made inappropriate contact with him in regards to an Albuquerque corruption case before the 2006 November Senate elections - an allegation that if true, is a clear and egregious violation of Senate conduct.

Sen. Domenici has given three different accounts of what transpired between him and Iglesias. First he said he had no clue what Iglesias was talking about. Then, when it became clear Iglesias would come before Congress, he admitted to the conversation. And now that Iglesias has sworn under oath that he felt "sick" and "leaned on" by Domenici's inquiry about the indictments, the Senator has said he cannot "recall my mentioning the November election to him."

Now, there is news that Sen. Domenici has retained the same lawyer who defended disgraced Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunnigham - yet another sign the Senator knows he is in serious trouble.

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  • Tommy
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    Corruption in the United States is rampant from local levels to the top and across all party lines. What you speak of is just the tip of the iceberg. To tell the real story is to write your own death sentence.

    You might seriously consider the fact that the system you think exists has not been in place for years. Don't get sucked into conspiracy camps. These are just covers. The slight of hand is past. Everything is in your face.*

    At this point in time very well placed people think right is doing what you please and wrong is getting caught!. Human rights? I am surprised that you are just surprised at Republican corruption.

    *I drop this in because you have a reporters style that suggests you like to look at all the angels, er angles!

    A generation ago there was this saying about New Mexico: "New Mexico is the place where New York politicians come to learn how it's done." Democrats would quote that with a big smile.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am a realist so I am never surprised by corruption from any politician regardless of party affiliation.

  • 1 decade ago

    so why don't you run for office?

    Stop complaining and do something different

    My Paw Paw told me to walk a mile in a mans shoe before you make suggestion!

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