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Urgent: Help with viewing an interactive image in MS Word...?

I have a Word doc with SWF images. I can't see the images, but there's a message down saying that I have Javascript turned off; I need to turn it on to view the images.

How do I turn on Javascript in Word??? I'm using Word 2003 and my OS is Win XP.


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    I can suggest u an alternative:

    Open the .swf file in flash

    then press Prt Scr then open paint press Ctrl+V u ll get the image of ur pic as well as the window ,etc from here u edit n save the file in the required format and open it in MS Word this definitely works the only thing is u need Macromedia Flash

    The other alternative wud b open the .swf file in internet explorer by Open with option ( Disable open always option)

    then from here u can edit usin word..


    try rite clikin n save it sum oder format

    Hope this helps u!!!!

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