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beef nutrition???

do different parts of the cow have different nutritional values? which part is the most nutritious (and contains what?) thx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A quick rule of thumb is that fat= not as healthy but more taste.

    The healthiest, leanest part of the cow is the fillet, running along the back? (my butchery is very rusty) The sirloin is next.

    Rib-eye is a good blend because it has a large vein of fat to give flavour, but it can be avoided if you don't want to eat it. Rump steak is a bit chewier but has a good flavour to it, the fat is evenly distributed. Finally chuck or braising steak is what is usually ground up into mince, it is pretty uneven is it's meat and fat distribution.

    All beef is high in protein and iron. Fat is not always to be avoided but your regular diet needs to be taken into consideration to determine whether you are having healthy or unhealthy amounts. Beef doesn't provide much in the way of carbohydrates that provide most of your day to day energy requirements. USDA reccomends a sensible portion of meat for a meal is about the size of a deck of cards. Many places go over this reccomendation so it probably isn't a good idea too have this amount of meat daily, switching to other meats and vegetables is the best course.

    If you are thinking about nutrition there are other meats than beef. Goat is remarkable in that the animal keeps all it's fat in thick veins in it's abdomen, and when easily removed the remaining meat is nutritious with a fat content lower than chicken. It doesn't just have to be used in curry either, it makes a great steak and has a delicate flavour when fried.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Daily meat is great for wolves, but not for humans.

    Source(s): J. Frederic Templeman M.D.
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