Where can I access the meanings of the codes that police use over the radio?

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    Here is a list from the following site:


    "10-0 Use Caution

    10-1 You are being received Poorly

    10-2 You are being received Clearly

    10-3 Stop Transmitting

    10-4 O.K.

    10-5 Relay Message

    10-6 Busy with Call

    10-7 Out of service, (completely)

    10-7b Out of service (personal)

    10-7c Out of service (court)

    10-7od Out of service (off duty)

    10-8 In service

    10-8ot In service (over time)

    10-9 Repeat last message

    10-10 Out of service, Radio on

    10-11 Give F.C.C. Call Sign/Dispatching too fast

    10-12 Visitors or officials present

    10-13 Advise weather and road conditions

    10-14 Convoy or escort detail

    10-15 Prisoner in custody

    10-15m Prisoner in custody (mental case)

    10-16 Pick up prisoner

    10-17 Pick up papers

    10-18 Complete present asignment ASAP/Get there quick/ASAP

    10-19 Return to office

    10-20 Your location

    10-21 Call by telephone

    10-21A Phone home, my ETA is _____

    10-21B Call your home

    10-22 Cancel last message/Take no further action

    10-23 Stand by until channel clears

    10-24 Emergency at station/all units return

    10-25 Do you have contact with ___________

    10-26 Driver's license check by number or name

    10-27 Check for wants or warrants

    10-28 Check registration on vehicle

    10-29 Check for stolen for

    10-29A Check wants, subject (PIN)

    10-29R Check wants and record, subject (PIN, CJIC)

    10-29C Check complete, subject (NCIC)

    10-30 Does not conform to rules or regulations

    10-31 Is lie detector available?

    10-32 Is Intoxilizer available?

    10-33 Emergency traffic/don't transmit unless necessary

    10-33 Alarm (type: Audible, silent)

    10-34 Clear for local dispatch or open door

    10-35 Confidential information or open window

    10-36 Correct time

    10-37 Give me name of Operator on duty

    10-38 Your destination

    10-39 Your message is delivered/Requested unit enroute

    10-40 Advise if officer _______ available for phone call

    10-41 Call the station on alternate frequency

    10-42 Officer ..... now at his home

    10-43 Have _________ call his/her residence

    10-44 Station _________ is calling your residence

    10-45 Give name of Officer in Charge or Injured person

    10-46 Advise if ________ available at phone

    10-47 Officer ______ is available at _________

    10-48 Not available for assignment/out for coffee or whatever

    10-49 Pick up passenger at ___________

    10-50 No traffic for you/resume patrol

    10-51 Message for delivery by telephone

    10-52 Message for delivery in writing

    10-53 Do you have traffic for this station?

    10-54 Unit and officer have left the Parish

    10-54d Possible dead body

    10-55 Unit and officer have returned to Parish

    10-55d Send coroner

    10-56 Teletype busy

    10-57 Teletype broken or Firearms discharged

    10-58 Teletype in service

    10-59 Tape for repeat message

    10-60 What is next for message # _____

    10-61 Stand by for teletype message

    10-62 Unable to copy radio, use teletype or meet in person

    10-63 Net in use, stand by, will advise when clear

    10-64 Net clear, go ahead with traffic

    10-65 Clear for assignment

    10-66 Clear for cancellation

    10-67 All stations retransmit following

    10-68 Repeat dispatch

    10-69 Have you dispatched _______?

    10-70 Net message for all stations

    10-71 Proceed with traffic

    10-72 Stand by for Civil Defense Test

    10-73 Stand by for Civil Defense Traffic

    10-74 Civil Defense Clear

    10-75 Severe weather statement

    10-76 Give daily traffic

    10-77 Give mileage your unit

    10-78 Send ambulance

    10-79 Send wrecker

    10-80 Tower lights out/Explosion/Lightening

    10-80a Assist radio dispatcher

    10-81 Officer ______ will be at your station

    10-82 Reserve room for officer

    10-83 Have _______ call station by phone

    10-84 Advise ____ officer will return this date

    10-85 Officer _____ on special detail or Meet with agent

    10-86 Advise phone number your location

    10-87 Give call letters of your station

    10-88 Advise phone number of officer

    10-89 Request radio servicemen be sent

    10-90 Request teletype servicemen

    10-91 Prepare for inspection of ______ by ________

    10-91B Noisy animal (Barking)

    10-91D Dead animal

    10-91H Stray Horse

    10-92 Your quality is poor

    10-93 Your quality is good

    10-94 Call station by teletype

    10-95 Advise telephone call this station

    10-96 Give test count

    10-97 Arrived at scence

    10-98 Last detail completed

    10-99 Unable to receive your message

    10-100 Out using restroom

    10-102 Cruelty to animals

    10-103 Disturbance

    10-103f Disturbance by fight

    10-103m Disturbance by mental person

    10-106 Obscenity

    10-107 Suspicious person

    10-108 Officer down or Officer needs assistance

    10-112 Impersonating an officer

    11-6 Illegal discharge of firearms

    11-7 Prowler

    11-8 Person down

    11-10 Take a report

    11-12 Dead animal

    11-13 Injured animal

    11-14 Animal bite

    11-15 Ball game in street

    11-17 Wires down

    11-24 Abandoned Vehicle

    11-25 Vehicle - Traffic hazzard

    11-25X Female motorist need assistance

    11-26 Abandoned bicycle

    11-27 Subject has felony record, but is not wanted

    11-28 Rush vehicle registration information

    11-29 Subject has no record

    11-30 Incomplete telephone call

    11-31 Person calling for help

    11-40 Advise station if ambulance is needed

    11-41 Request Ambulance

    11-42 Ambulance not required

    11-43 Doctor required

    11-44 Coroner required

    11-45 Attempted suicide

    11-46 Death report

    11-47 Injured Person

    11-48 Provide Transportation

    11-54 Suspicious vehicle

    11-65 Traffic Signal light out

    11-66 Traffic Signal Out-of-order

    11-70 Fire Alarm

    11-71 Fire Report

    11-79 Traffic Accident - Ambulance dispatched

    11-80 Traffic Accident - Serious Injury

    11-81 Traffic Accident - Minor Injury

    11-82 Traffic Accident - No Injury

    11-83 Traffic Accident - No Details

    11-84 Direct Traffic

    11-85 Dispatched Tow Truck

    11-86 Special Detail

    11-87 Assist Other Unit

    11-95 Out of vehicle, car stop (location/license)

    11-96 Out of vehicle, car stop, send backup(location/license)

    11-98 Meet Officer

    11-99 Officer needs Help/Emergency

    A Adult

    A No rain expected

    AC Aircraft crash

    AC Animal control

    ADW Assalt with a Deadly Weapon

    APB All points bulletin

    ASAP As soon as possible

    AID Accident Investigation Detail

    AV Abandoned vehicle

    B Rain Expected

    BLK Block

    BKG Booking

    BO Out of Order

    BOL Be On the Lookout

    CP Complaining Party

    CPD City or County Property Damage

    CT Court

    DB Dead Body

    DMV Department of Motor Vehicles Information requested

    E-B Eastbound

    ETA Estimated Time of Arrival

    EXP Expired

    FTA Failure to Appear

    GOA Gone on Arrival

    GTA Grand Theft Auto

    INJ Injury

    I/S Intersection

    J Juvenile involved

    LIC License

    LT/T Left turn

    M/C Motorcycle

    NCIC National Criminal Information Center

    NIA Non-Injury Accident

    OBS Observed

    OD Off Duty

    OP LIC Operator's License

    OT Over Time

    PAB Policy Administration Building

    PI Personal Injury

    POSS Possession

    QT Secrecy required

    RES DIST Residential District

    ROF Report on File

    RP Reporting Party

    SPD Speed

    UL Unable to Locate

    UTL Unable to Locate

    VEH Vehicle

    VIN Vehicle Identification Number

    WIT Witness

    X Female involved

    45/25 MPH clocked speed in zone

    Code 1 Acknowledge this Call

    Code 2 Proceed Immediately with lights/without Siren

    Code 3 Proceed Immediately with lights and Siren

    Code 4 No further assistance required

    Code 5 Stakeout - Uniformed Officers stay away

    Code 6 Out of Vehicle for Investigation

    Code 7 Out of Service to eat

    Code 8 Fire Alarm

    Code 9 Answering ring-down

    Code 10 Bomb Threat

    Code 12 Patrol your District and report extent of damage

    Code 13 Major Disaster Activation

    Code 14 Resume normal Operation

    Code 20 Notify News Media to respond

    Code 22 Restricted Radio Traffic

    Code 30 Officer needs assistance - Emergency

    Code 33 Emergency Traffic on Air - All units stand by

    Code 43 TAC forces committed

    Code 100 In position to intercept Suspect

    14 Ambulance in route

    15 Citizens holding suspect

    17f Fugitive attachment

    17m Municipal court attachment

    17t Traffic attachment

    18 Traffic incident

    19 Drunk

    20 Auto accident

    20a Airplane crash

    20f Fatal accident

    20i Injury accident

    21 Complaint

    23 Traffic congestion

    24 Medical emergency

    25 Call dispatcher

    26 Police officer

    27 Attempted crime

    28 Inciting a felony

    29 Death

    30 Homicide

    30c Homicide by cutting

    30s Homicide by shooting

    34 Aggravated battery

    34c Cutting

    34s Shooting

    35 Simple battery

    37 Aggravated assault

    38 Simple assault

    39 Negligent injury

    42 Aggravated rape

    43 Simple rape

    44 Aggravated kidnapping

    45 Simple kidnapping

    51 Aggravated arson

    51b Bomb threat

    52 Simple arson

    52e Explosives

    52f Fire

    54 Combustible materials

    56 Criminal damage

    58 Contaminated water

    59 Criminal Mischief

    60 Aggravated burglary

    62 Alarms

    62b Simple burglary

    62c Auto burglary

    62r Residential burglary

    62s Safe burglary

    63 Criminal Trespass

    63s Sit-in

    64 Armed robbery

    64g Armed robbery/gun

    64k Armed robbery/knife

    65 Simple robbery

    65p Purse snatching

    66 Extortion threats

    68 Unauthorized use of movable

    69 Possession of stolen goods

    71 Issuing worthless checks

    72 Forgery

    80 Carnal knowledge of juvenile

    81 Indecent behavior with juvenile

    82 Prostitution

    84 Pandering

    87 Abortion

    89 Crime against nature

    90 Gambling

    90c Gambling by cards

    90d Gambling by dice

    91 Unlawful sale to minor

    93 Cruelty to juvenile

    94 Illegal use of weapon

    95 Illegal carrying of gun

    95k Illegal carrying of knife

    98 D.W.I.

    99 Reckless operation

    100 Hit and run

    148 Resisting Arrest

    187 Homicide

    207 Kidnapping

    211 Armed Robery

    240 Assalt - Misdemeanor

    242 Battery

    243 Assault on Police Officer

    245 Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    261 Rape

    273 Assault on Person

    288 Lewd Conduct / Felony sex offense

    314 Indecent exposure

    330 Gambling

    311 Loud and Obscene

    314 Indecent Exposure

    390 Drunk

    390c Drunk in Vehicle

    390d Drunk Unconcious

    404 Riot

    407 Unlawful Assembly

    415 Disturbing the Peace

    415b Investigate the Trouble

    415c Disturbance - Children involved

    415d Disturbance - Drunk involved

    415e Loud Music or Party

    415f Disturbance - Family

    415g Disturbance - Gang

    417 Brandishing / Man with Gun

    447 Arson

    459 Burglary

    459a Burglar Alarm ringing

    459s Burglar Alarm - Silent

    464 Burglary with Explosives

    477a Arson

    480 Hit and Run - Felony

    481 Hit and Run - Misdemeanor

    484 Petty theft

    484f Fraudulent use of Credit Card(s)

    484ps Purse Snatch

    487 Grand theft

    487.2 Theft from Person or Purse snatch

    488 Petty theft

    496 Recieving stolen property

    502 Drunk driving - Misdemeanor

    503 Auto theft

    505 Reckless driving

    507 Public Nuisance

    537 Defrauding Innkeeper

    586 Illegal parking

    586e Vehicle blocking Driveway

    594 Malicious mischief

    602 Trespassing

    602.5 Entry without consent

    603 Unlawful entry

    647 Vagrant

    647a Vagrant loitering in Public Place

    647b Prostitution

    647c Begging

    647d Loitering in Restroom

    647e Loitering Place to Place

    647f Drunk

    647ff Drunk - enroute to Detox

    647g Prowler

    647h Illegal Lodging

    901 Ambulance Call

    901a Ambulance Call - Attempted Suicide

    901b Ambulance Call - Drowning

    901c Ambulance Call - Cutting

    901d Ambulance Call - Drunk

    901g Ambulance Call - Gas

    901h Ambulance Call - Dead Body

    901k Ambulance has been dispatched

    901n Ambulance requested

    901s Ambulance Call - Shooting

    901t Ambulance Call - Traffic Accident

    901y Request Ambulance if needed

    902 Accident

    902h Enroute to Hospital

    902m Medical Aid needed

    902t Traffic Accident

    903 Aircraft Crash

    904 Fire

    910 Can handle detail

    952 Report on conditions

    955 Detail under control

    956 Detail incomplete, but available

    957 Delayed response of __ minutes

    966 DRUG DEAL

    1000 Plane crash

    3000 Road block

    4532 Escape

    5150 Mentally disturbed person

    10851 Stolen vehicle

    10852 Tampering with vehicle

    11300 Narcotics

    12020 Carrying Concealed Weapon

    14601 Driving w/suspended DL

    20001 Felony hit and run

    20002a Misdemeanor hit and run

    22350 Speeding (used to be 505)

    22500 Illegal parking/impound

    23152 Misdemeanor Drunk driving

    23153 Reckless driving (use to be 510)

    23109 Speed Contest

    Units Adam: Morning shift

    Baker: Swing shift

    Charlie: Day shift

    Officers Adam: Auxillary

    Charlie: Captain

    Denver: Detective

    David: Detective

    Frank: Felony Investigation

    Henry: Homicide

    John: Juvenile

    Lincoln: Lieutenant

    Nora: Narcotics

    Paul: Patrol

    Sam: Sergeant

    X-Ray: Burglary

    Victor: Vice/Narcotics

    King: Helicopter"

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  • 1 decade ago

    my dad used to have a scanner and bought a book at radio shack that had all the freq. that the police stations in texas used and in the back it had a list of all the codes . on another not i rember seeing a story on the news about a month ago that may police dept. were not going to be using the 10 codes any more and were being phased out

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  • 1 decade ago

    10 codes or 9 codes?

    10-4 = copy that.

    10-7 = I'm here

    1010= end of day going home

    1019=returning to the station or returning to the scene.

    1012= Confidential and cannot be broadcasted over the radio.

    1020= where are you?

    10-8 = clear the call

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  • 1 decade ago

    The codes are different with every department that you find. The best way to learn the 10-codes if you're looking at a specific agency is go to their website. Most angencies will post the codes

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  • 1 decade ago

    To clarify a misconception, the DHS is not requiring agencies to do away with 10 codes. They reversed that decision several months ago. But they do recommend that agencies speak plain language with other agencies since the codes do have different meanings.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The codes are actually different in different regions of the country. Under new Federal Regulations, radio traffic is going to be in plain language to make it easier for several agencies to work together.

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  • 1 decade ago

    msria, there are several different versions of 10 codes and signals that are used all over the country..Its going to depend on what state your from.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It all depends what state you are in. I live in Georgia and have the whole list of all calls...from fire,emt,police,etc....You can reach me at mfroeh@yahoo.com and I will be happy to give you all the info I have.

    Source(s): Farm Owner, Medical experience(people and animals),legal experience-I have relatives that work for the police dept., and Emt.
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  • 1 decade ago
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