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What the cutest thing that your cat or kitten did that made you mad , but laugh at the same time?

My cat JJ is always running around with all my clothes, and my my privite things, and he plans catch me if you can, and one night , when me and my boyfriend came home from school, I caught him eating both our sandwhich , We didn't know to laugh , or to be mad at him. And why does my cat always want me to chase him everywhere, he steals food , and somethings of mine,.it happends everyday.

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    mine got one of my tampons out of my purse when i had it open and brought it out when we had company. that was kind of funny, but embarrassing.

    One of mine also likes water, everytime i brush my teeth he is there drinking out of the tap and then gets water all over the counter. he also gets in the shower when i am in there and gets out and has the bathroom covered in water. i think it's cute because you don't see many cats who like water to this extent, but at the same time i hate cleaning up his messes.

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    My cat used to jump on the kitchen counter and unroll the whole roll of paper towels. I would come home from work and find the whole thing accross the kitchen. Not knowing which kitty was doing it tho made it real hard for me to scold. One day tho, I caught her in the act. I cussed her out and came up with a solution. I took a rubber band and put it around the roll of paper towels. She never did that again! ; )

    Source(s): I have had many years experience with animals. I grew up with animals and worked in an animal hospital for 10 years, as a kennel manager. I also worked in at a humane society for 5 years. I have many happy memories and many not so happy memories. I try to advise people on the care of their animals. I don't tell people what to do, I just suggest to them and give them some new ideas.
  • Neev
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    my cat does all kinds of things. like when he wants to show off some of his sweet skills by running in out of no where on to a table and then slidding off. i get a lil' upset cuz i don't want him scratching up everything but he looks so cute and i don't want to hurt his feelings after he just fell down when all he was trying to do was be cute. or when he does just like ur cat and steals food. u know he doesn't even steal it, he pretty much gives you this sad little meow like hes baby kitty (he's going to be 8 this yr.) and taps our leg asking for a bite of what ever it is that we are eating. or jumps on to a chair @ the dinner table right next to my husbands and just sits there real still and as soon as he turns away or he thinks he's done eating he trys to reach up and grab food off a the plate. all u can see is his lil' boots reaching up, hoping for a bite of food.

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    My kitten was scurrying around in the hay stack, she loves doing that. I was standing about 15 feet away when she took a running jump and landed on my shoulder. She put some claws in too. That made me mad and it was so totally unexpected I got a fright. But I had to laugh, her antics are just hysterical. Kitten's are such fun. Best wishes.

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    Basically JJ's lonesome. Cats are very close to their littermates and they need lots of toys to help them get over their loss. a shoebox with a couple marbles and jack balls in it, with holes for reaching in, and the lid taped on.. IS a great toy. stuffed animals to tussle with and rolling toys are all fun and keep kitty busy. A friend of mine took to rolling a ball for his cat and it actually learned to retrieve as well as a puppy would. Any string or yarn you can drag past a kitten is a toy too. Catfishing poles (stick with a feather on a string) is really cool for boyfriends to play with the kitten.

    As you learn what the kitten will tangle with, you will learn to pick up and put away. Its amazing how neat a room gets when you pick up all the possible cat attractions. Have fun! It sounds like your JJ is happy and healthy.

    Cutest frustrating thing my cat did was to sit on the table and dip its paw in a glass of milk and lick the milk off its paw. He couldn't get his face in the little glass and he still wanted a drink of milk. We were both lucky he didn't spill the milk.. Good Kitty! So I learned to not leave my milk on the table unattended but to put it in the fridge if I was gone even one minute. and .. to give him a little bowl of milk in addition to his cat chow. even though it said it was 100% of all a cat needed.. My Pekoe (orange tea but it was an orange cat) loved a little drink of milk besides his water and chow.

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    I have a very bad @ss cat. He was a full on feral tomcat at down at the harbor for years before he was rescued by a kind soul, taken to my vet, then my vet got him to me. At 14 pounds he TERRIFIED my three big dogs, who would not so much as make eye contact with him. It took months for me to be able to handle him (now he's a big fluffy baby and let's me do anything).

    For the first few years I had him if I wasn't careful when I opened the door to the dogyard, he would race past me out the door hissing and spitting ready to do battle with 250 pounds of dogs on twelve legs.

    Crazy cat. Now he's getting older and is much more circumspect, but the dogs still really respect him and pretty much stay out of his way.

  • It was when I was living with my parents and my cat Linus had brought a baby rat into the house and dropped it alive at my moms feet. She freaked and screamed, yelling at me to come downstairs and deal with my cat and the rat. It took us a good while to corner it under our hutch that we stored the fine china and silver in. We released it across the street, where it ran into the house across the street that was just sold. About a week later an exterminator was parked outside the house and the neighbor was telling them they had a rat in the house.

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    Sounds like a smart and playful cat you have and he'll stop at nothing to get your attention,he must adore you.

    I think the most annoying yet funny thing a cat of mine once did was this...

    Our home used to use a roof antennae in order to get the t.v signal. The wire went through the ceiling and into a box that was on our livingroom wall. More antennae wires would come from the box and go to my kids bedroom t.v's. (No electricity runs through these wires incidentally,they're just for the anntenae)

    When my kids would go to watch t.v in their rooms,Critter,my cat, would run over,grab the antennae wire that ran to their t.v. in her front paws and use her body weight to pull it down. She'd then dash under a nearby chair and wait. My kids,after loosing their t.v. signal,would come running out and Critter would then rush out from her hiding spot and attack their feet,causing them to scream and chase her,lol! It was an intentional ambush!

    I thought it was hysterically funny,my kids thought it was annoying as all heck,hehe!

  • Turtle
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    My kitten Jasper this past Christmas continually climbed the Christmas tree and when I tried to get him out I couldn't get him and he would sit in there and look at me all innocent. I was mad over the tree but at the same time laughing at him. He destroyed the tree. I took it down what was left of it. LOL. I didn't bother putting it back up.

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    My fat cat Gomez came down with the bathroom sink. He likes to lick the water from it... so one night I heard a noise and rushed over to the bathroom while he was running away. The sink was torn to pieces on the bathroom floor.

    He has these hiperactivity episodes when he scares himself and run. And he would run towards the bed, forget to jump and slam right into it. Then shakes his head and start over.

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    I have 2 kittys ( you can see them in my pic <--)

    The Gray Cat Monte .. He likes to play with his sister (black Kitty , Jynx) so one day he backed her into a cornor an went to smack her , But she blocked him an He tumbled on his Little Butt !!

    An Jynx she Hates to share the water dish with Monte , so when he's drinking from it an She wants to get a drink , she will Push his head in the whole Dish.

    I have tried for 6 months to snap a Pic of that .. but it happenes so quick I always miss it cause of the Flash on the cam !

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