Known Problems? 91 Jeep Cherokee?

I'm looking to buy a 91 Jeep Cherokee (no special "grand" or anything like that).

Every rig has its own special "issues" they tend to develop.

What are the known "issues" with Jeep Cherokees?


Thanks to all of you who answered my question with respect. I appriciate it. I can deal with those. I owned a S10, these are mild problems compared to that.

As for the condescending "check website and ask owners" dude... Shove it. Don't you think I did that already? And aren't owners biased? That's why I asked the friggin mechanics!

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    rear leaf springs get weak & start sagging, prone to low brake pedal for no apparent reason. also the vacuum tubes tend to clog with sludge. dont bother with the 4 cylinder, go for the 4.0 litre six. have the tubes cleaned or replaced, make sure the brake pedal is high & firm, have the springs checked for cracks. other than that, make sure the body's solid. they're prone to rust underneath & around the wheelwells. other than that, they're great vehicles.

  • 1 decade ago

    We will usually recommend that anyone that dislikes rattles or vibrations not buy a Jeep. The older ones seem especially prone to them.

    Many Jeep Cherokee coolant reservoirs will crack and leak antifreeze, I'm not certain if 1991 is included.

    Depending on the engine, you may experience and exhaust leak.

    If the Jeep was reasonably maintained and driven responsibly, you could do alot worse.

    Source(s): Over a decade of experience in the automotive repair business.
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    You might want to first get on the Jeep web-site and find out what problems that year and model will have.....what I mean is the sight will publish any recalls or manufacturer defects any Jeep vehicle will have. As for "issues" most likely another Jeep (no special "grand" or anything) owner would be your other choice. I would get on line and check out the manufacturer.

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    the electrical systems can be troublesome but it's mostly corrosion or bad grounds , also look closely for rust and weak rear springs if it's been loaded a lot or really off road-ed , they are great vehicles 'though , have fun

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  • 3 years ago

    i only bought an 88 at the moment. i knew the guy who had it before me, and he performed with it lots. yet he also lied and informed me that he had fastened each and each of the topic matters. i'm only happy i in reality paid six hundred for it. ensure you verify each little thing out before you purchase it. i could placed 500 in it so i visit get round properly. only be careful and ensure you carry a buddy that is conscious about autos. my engine and transmission are truly reliable. only could restore each little thing else lower than the hood. i wish you luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    mine the abs was bad, and the c clips in the rear axles are very weak in the model 30 other than that all i can say is dont let your brother drive it he wrecked mine

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