garage door openers repairs?

Hi, my garage door wont go down when I press the control remote, so I do it manually, then I press the control and the "thing" goes down, then I go inside and hook it again, press the control and IT DOES GO UP....any suggestions?


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    well, if the "thing" (actually called a carriage) goes down when the door is disconnected, then it's not your photocells, assuming you even have them. it's also not a battery issue. what is happening is the opener is sensing a safety reverse issue whith the door. the weight of the door is slowing down the motor enough to trip an rpm sensor inside the motor case. one of a few thing can cause this. first is the door, when you move it manually, does it roll smoothly?? cold weather exposes any weakness in the door. lubricate all the rollers, pulleys, and hinges. DO NOT use wd40, use any other spray lubricant silicone or oil base, both types work the same, however i prefer oil based. if you have stretch springs, the pulleys attached to them and the track (4 total) are a wearable part. if they are wobbly or don't roll smoothly, this will cause all kinds of problems. oil will help them temporarily, but they should be replaced.

    if the door works smoothly, it could just need a simple adjustment to the down pressure (sensitivity). without knowing what brand you have, i can't offer much help there, but almost all manufacturers have a website with instructions on how to adjust this.

    if you have a sears, liftmaster, or chamberlain opener (same manufacturer) a 3rd possible cause could be the circuit board. as they start to go bad, the sensitivity has to be decreased, sometimes all the way, just to get them to move. no cure for that other than replacing that board. most of my similar calls involve the first 2 things i mentioned.

    good luck

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    There is a reversing relay in the opener, it could be the contacts are pitted or slagged up and not making contact. The best thing to do is call a garage door service man and let him take a look. Are your photo eyes lined up at the base of the garage door?

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    It sounds like one of the rollers is getting pinched between the door and the track on the way down. Due to expansion or contraction of your garage frame due to seasons the problem probably just occurred.

    Watch both sides (one at a time) when you bring the door down to see if the roller gets squeezed. If so you may need to loosen one of the lag bolts holding the track and bump it over a little and tighten.

    Source(s): I've had this happen as you described and after adjusting the track, I haven't had any further problems.
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      1. First check to ensure that the cord is plugged into a live electrical plug.
      2. Wait for approx 15 minutes for the motor to cool and test again.
      3. Test to sensor beam and confirm that it is set up and aligned to the manual's specifications and there are no blockages.
      -Clean anything that m

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    dear i think its not repairable now, you may contact garage door squad

  • 5 years ago

    Contact to a professional garagedoor repair expert in your area ...

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    Check the manaul for the opener. Sometimes the little (sometimes hidden) controls for the door that set tensions, etc. go out of whack; especially in cooler weather.

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    If something is obstructing the path of the magic eye or if they are misaligned, the door will not go down. Verify that the laser eyes can see each other.

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    It's broken. Use telephone; call Sears.

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