How to telnet to com port 1 via command line?

Using vista and hyperterminal is no longer available. Trying to directly connect to my router via the com1 port and I cant see how?

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    Telnet uses IP to connect to devices and the com port on your computer does not use IP, so a straight IP solution like telnet will not work. As you can see from the story I've attached, you can get a free copy of Hyperterminal for private use from the company that produces it for Windows, but you'll need to pay if its for business use. As an alternative, go to a site like '' or' and search for terminal emulation programs. You'll find numerous freeware/shareware/commercial products to choose from that will fit any budget. My personal favorite I use here at work is SecureCRT. It's pricey, but has a lot of nice features.

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    Okay... this answer depends on what kind of router it is. Is it a home router (Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, etc) or a real Cisco type router. I will provide instructions for both: Linksys, etc - Cannot be done with CLI, instead enable remote administration via the router management page. This is usually enabled on port 8080. Then from anywhere in the world, you can type in your IP address, :, and the port number into a web browser and access your router like you are at home. Example: Cisco routers - Pretty much must be done using command line. Telnet or SSH into your router from abroad using Putty or another similar program. And issue the following commands from the config prompt: ip nat inside source static tcp 80 interface FastEthernet0/0 80 Where is the private IP of your server, 80 is the port you want to forward, FastEthernet0/0 is the WAN port on your router (you could also put your WAN IP here). This command obviously would need to be changed a bit depending on what your setup is and which ports you need forwarded.

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    You don't need to telnet if you have it connected to your serial port COM1. You need a terminal emulator, since you say they pulled hyperterminal out of vista (I didn't know that, don't run it yet), you need to find something else to use.

    I've always liked Terra Term Pro, its small and free, hard to beat that. Download it at the link below.

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    I think you just need to type " TELNET COM1 PORT# "

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