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Installing custom cabinets, ceramic tile, and high end appliances. Is a rolling small island cheesy?

I have a small L shaped wall 17"deep by 3' wide. I don't want to waste any space, so I have had several ideas, a wall of cabinets seems to "busy", and if I just install a working countertop with cone lights overhead you would be working looking at a wall. I thought about asking the cabinet maker to put good locking wheels and 3 cabinets underneath, and then we could roll it into the center of the kitchen for serving or working and then lock it back against the wall when not in use. As I am typing I am also considering the wear and tear on the wall....... I have never heard of this done. any ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I wouldn't suggest a rolling island. Cheesy doesn't begin to describe it. Why not do a counter top in the L-shaped area with a decorative tile back splash & recessed lighting in the ceiling. It would give you extra prep room and create a little decorative nook to add to the room. Maybe a small built in bookshelf to house cookbooks or a pretty wine rack above the or to the side of the work area.

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  • shoaf
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    3 years ago

    Create a cement base of height one to 2 inches severe for the cabinet first. The intensity (or width) of the backside would desire to be approximately 2 inches shorter than the cabinet. Then lay the ceramic tiles. Then outfitted the cabinet with the counter precise with connection with the dishwasher's height. be beneficial to maintain greater suitable tiles for destiny use, like in case you or destiny proprietor would prefer to do away with the cabinet and base.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I work in the luxury home market and see a lot of kitchens and ....yes...that would be cheesy

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  • 1 decade ago


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