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How long do Oranda and Telescope goldfish live?

I just got a new book to care for my goldfish, and it states that my Orandas may be at least three to four years old based on their caps, but that they only live 5-10 years. I was under the impression that if I give them a big enough tank and take care of them, they could live longer. Thanks for any advice! If anyone knows how big my goldfish should be before I move them from a 30 gallon tank to a 55 or larger, I would love to know:) Beth


These are two fish, btw. thanks!

Update 2:

Thanks for the advice. In my current second floor apartment, I have a new 30 gallon, but don't think I can get a 55 or preferably larger aquarium until I move again in about 6 months (and then I will use the 30 for some cute smaller fish I have had in a 10 gallon in the past). Does that sound safe?

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    ORANDA: The Oranda is a highly favored fish with many beautiful qualities, and is compatible with other fancy varieties of goldfish. Like many other fancy goldfish varieties, prolonged periods of cold are not advisable for the Oranda. They must not be kept below 55 degrees fahrenheit for long periods of time. The Oranda is one of the larger fancy goldfish varieties growing up to 7 - 8 inches and live for upto 10-12 years. (The maximum as per record book is 20 years)

    TELESCOPE: Because their protruding eyes cause poor vision, telescopes should ideally be kept with other fancy goldfish with impaired vision: bubble-eyes, celestial eye, or other telescopes. Sharp gravel and ornaments can damage their eyes, and should not be used. Telescopes are also more susceptible to a condition called "cloudy eye", a bacterial infection resulting from damage or scratching of the cornea.

    Like all fancy varieties of goldfish, telescopes require a minimum of 10 gallons of water per fish, with a minimum ideal tank size of at least 55 gallons, and a lot of filtration. As a fish grows, it is sometimes necessary to expand this rule to 3 gallons per inch of fish-body. Tank water must be changed weekly in sufficient amounts to keep nitrate levels below 4ppm. A well kept telescope will grow to 8 - 10 inches in body length and shall live upto 15-20 years. (The maximum as per record book is 32 years)

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    Red Telescope Goldfish

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    The Oranda is an omnivourus goldfish species.It is very docile and is often fed vegetable/growth/protein/couler mixtures.Orandas can grow up to be 5 inches long, and 2 inches deep!The Oranda is like a Lionhead, just with a smaller wen, and a dorsal fin!Orandas can live up to be 16 years old!It's colors are black, midnight blue, calico, blue, lemon, and red cap.The Oranda's body is exactly the same as th Lionheads body, just with a smaller wen, and a dorsal fin!

    Tempature: 70*F.-80*F.

    p.H.: 7.0-8.0

    The Telescope Eye is an omnivourus goldfish species.It is very docile and is often fed growth/color/protein/vegetable mixtures.The Telescope Eye can grow up to be 5 inches long!The Telescope Eye is also called the Dragon Eye.The Telescope Eye can live up to be 17 years old!It's colors are white, orange, and calico.The Telescope Eye looks exactly like a Black Moore, just it is not black!

    Tempature: 65*F.-75*F.

    p.H.: 6.8-7.2

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    you can move them anytime bigger the better

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    if your fish are happy..they will live longer..make them happy..

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