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Jo & Slade ?Housewives of OC ?

Is it just me or is Jo on Housewives of OC completely talentless ??? The "music producers" are telling her she is practically aother MARIAH CAREY !!! HELLO???? are they deaf or just hypnotized by her boobs ?

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    I think the producers are just telling jo and slade what they want to hear. Slade is putting his money into Jo's singing career and the longer the producers have her more money will be pouring in for them. I also think it's because neither slade or jo have researched the music business enough and think that jo will have instant stardom because of the money being poured into the music

  • Misha
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    God she absolutely disgusts me! hahaha about the K-Fed remark but it's true I think I would rather purchase K-Fed's cd then Jo's. I am pretty sure the only talent she truly excels in is spending Slade's money and looking like a cheap Vegas hooker! Why does he stay with her and put up with her c*** day in and day out, she doesn't care for him or love him that's obvious, it's all the money and once she heads out to LA to pursue her career and Slade stops paying her bills, the music producers will tell her just how horrid she really is...must suck to be a has been before you were have been anything!! and she's UGGGGLY!

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    Jo is a talentless soul sucking ugly wench!! Sorry honesty should be brutal. I've only once watched the show and in the ten minutes I witnessed, her boyfriend, Slade, gave her all this nice stuff for her birthday and she just yeah thanks and left, and like a spineless p****whipped dog, he took it rather then tell her his feelings. As for her singing talent, she is c****y, K-Fed is better then her and he makes your ears bleed! He pays the bills, they say "wow you rock, you just need to have confidence". The excuse that she didn't have Slade there or her Starsucks latte..please..she just doesn't even want to admit she has no talent!!!

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    As long as Slade keeps putting out money all of the people will tell her anything. If she wasn't on that show nobody would give her a second look.

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  • prchik
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    i agree. i think they are just telling her lies. and another thing it's called Housewives, Jo is no housewife. she doesn't want to be. she moved to LA to be "independent" . what is all that about

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    I ttly agree

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    i agree

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