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Adidas,Nike, Asics, New Balance?

Which one would you say is best for running, kick boxing, etc.? Daily high impact stuff. Which ones are the most durable, best know. Let me know.

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    Asics is the best for running. I'm not sure about kick boxing but it should be fine for most activities, incl gym. Just find the right pair of Asics shoes for both running & kick boxing and it'll turn out alright. =)

    Source(s): Recommended by my gym trainers. In my area, if you go into any sports shop and ask them for a good pair of running shoes, they'll immediately direct you to the Asics section.
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    the nikes are a gaurentee I am on my feet constantly. bartending - waitressing . try the nike shox they are so comfortable - a little pricy but they last I have 4 pairs. still have the first pair of shox from 4 years ago still a smooth ride good luck!

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    I personally love New Balance... They have many widths in most of their styles. I work in a warehouse type building and they work great on the cement foot.They also hold well in the wear department.

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    actualy I have a pair of pumas for running, and kick for walking and every day wear. the pumas are very light weight, they protect your feet without weighing them down.

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  • Actually Pumas r more supportive & more of active wear also Pumas are made to help form ur feet

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    You need to be fitted for shoes at a good shoe store. They will be able to tell you what shoes you need for what you are doing. Head to a shoe store that still fits shoes and probably one that has a podorthist on staff to fit you for the right shoes.

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