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Anonymous asked in TravelEurope (Continental)Other - Europe · 1 decade ago

Where should I travel to? (free tickets and hotel)?

I have earned two free airline tickets and 5 nights hotel stay to one of the cities listed below. I have to use it this year and my husband and I can't decide! We have to use all 5 nights hotel stay in one city, so it would need to be a city that has a lot to do, or is close to lots of sights to see. Which city would you go to and why?



























As far as what we like... we like to see the sights. We want to be able to see the historic places or beautiful outdoor natural wonders. We aren't rich, but we aren't poor. We plan to go at the beginning of August.

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    Lucky you. I can give my opinion on several of these cities, having grown up in Switzerland, and traveled a bit in Europe. Well, let's start with the obvious big attraction here, Paris. You would easily have 5 days worth of things to see and do there. But I myself feel that Paris is overrated these days. Maybe it's because I've been there and done that all at least four times in my life, with the family, by myself, and with school. I have also been to Munich, but I don't think there's enough there for you to enjoy yourself for 5 days, so that's a no. Same with Geneva or Zurich, however, if you pick either one of those cities, it would be easy to take day trips within Switzerland on the train, and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous there, so I'm sure you could find 5 days worth of things to do in that country. Then I've been to Barcelona, but I was only there for a couple of days, and I would say 2 or 3 days is enough, but it depends on the person. I've also been to Rome, and that's wonderful in itself, especially if you like history. If you like art do Paris, if you like history, do Rome. Vienna, a nice city, but I think 5 days would be too much. Then there are two of my favorite northern cities, Copenhagen and Stockholm. If you want to see something other than the usual tourist destinations of the southern European countries, I'd say pick either one of those, and you won't be dissapointed. Easy to find 5 days worth of things to do in either Copenhagen or Stockholm. Oh, I've also been to Budapest, and was there for a weekend, and that was too much, so that's a no go.

    Now for cities that I haven't been to, the three that I would love to see are Amsterdam, Reykjavik and Dublin. I'm sure you'd have 5 days worth of things to see in any of those. One thing you should think about is when you want to travel makes a difference on where you want to go. If you choose any northern city, Copenhagen, Stockholm or Reykjavik, I'd go in the summer. Paris and Rome and the like are good for any season, except maybe winter. Good luck deciding where to go. Only you can ultimately decide what is right for you and your husband.

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    I have been to some of these places. I have put thought into my answer. Vienna, it has lots to do, plus daytrips outside of the city e.g. countryside, forests, castles, it borders Slovakia & Hungary so you can go there, too.

    I'm sure most of these places could say the same as far as lots to do and daytrips. 5 days in Paris is good. You always have to factor in some rest.

    Prague is not yet on the Euro so it is still good on your wallet and I believe it is the most American friendly plus true old country experience. Not as much to do but you can have a true European experience that offers beauty, culture, good food & drink, entertainment, all the things you would want from a city trip.

    Most importantly you have to realize what is most interesting to you. Perhaps heritage? Nature? Art? History? Nightlife? Food? Wine? Beer? Climate- warm or cool?

    I haven't been to Scotland so I can't compare it. If you have an interest in Scotland, I'd say go there but be prepared for the high cost.

    Too bad you don't have San Francisco on your's my favorite city to visit.

    Source(s): I'm a Southern California girl who lives and travels in Central Europe
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    In order of where you should go; I have been to most of these countries by rented Lamborghini Gallardo. Several of which I have gone through a rented Ferrari 360 Modena. (the rental prices are sooooo lower than here in the U.S.)

    Best Top 5: (and why)

    1. Paris (great nightlife, Eiffel tower)**

    2. Madrid (great structures, and nice beaches)

    3. Geneva (Great place)

    4. Athens (ruins of old Greece.)**

    5. Zurich (world reknowned Zurich Bank)**

    Worst Top 5: (dont go here, and an explanation)

    1. Stockholm; Crime rate pretty high; **

    2. Warsaw; War torn city; not really excelling in rebuilding*

    3. Rekjavik; Old city; dirty

    4. Berlin; Very smoky; and air does not move

    5. Amsterdam; tourist overloaded; smoky; air doesnt move.*

    *Drove Ferrari

    **Drove Lamborghini

  • 1 decade ago

    I would say Budapest if you are going spring or fall. Copenhagen Summer, Lisbon Winter. If you have never been to Paris go to Paris, everyone needs to go to Paris once in there life( i loved it about 30 years ago, it was the Paris we see in the movies, the cafes, shops, the it's to modern) That is why I love Budapest so much, it still holds that old world charm of Paris, it's a little rough around the edges, but it's magic. Of course if you don't like old world charm then Berlin, Oslo, Amsterdam, Munich and Reykjavik will work very clean, very modern and very pricey...but then if I want to look at ultra modern buildings I'll just go to NY or Seattle.

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    We just got back from Budapest...I honestly did not think I would like it from what some people had said, but it really is amazing, we also went out to some vineyards, you don't think of Hungary as wine country but I've talked to some experts and because of their volcanic soils they have some great great wines...they also have very cheap truffles which is strange. Anyway. We did Paris and Rome last year along with Venice...loved it but way to crowded. 3 years ago we did Lisbon, Barcelona and Milan....didn't feel comfortable going out at night there. Germany has to many Americans and bombings with all the US military men(god bless em) Prague is beautiful but to many youg kids from America going over, like a big Woodstock or something. I have never been to Reykjavik or Shannon... probably because it's to English.

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    Rome is one of the most romantic and historic cities in the world. There are ancient ruins right in the center of the city that are free to tour. The people are friendly and the food is fantastic. There can't be another city with more to see and experience.

  • 1 decade ago

    You're so lucky to get those tickets!!! Well, I would say that it depends on what type of person you're. Why don't you fly to Spain? The country where the language of romance comes from and definitely promise you satisfaction wherever you land your feet on :P After all, you're spending your time with your husband. But you have to consider the difficulties as you have to bring your basic spanish book wherever you go or you could get yourselves a tourist guide or anything similiar to that. Anyways, have fun!! Oh yea, EU is very beautiful. Good luck in choosing the country that you would like to go to!!! :P

  • 1 decade ago

    I highly recommend Prague, because anyone who returned home had said it is a beautiful city, something that they have memories of. It has a lot to offer, especially cheap beers. The historic buildings, and so on. You won't regret it!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Rome, Paris or Budapest if you have never been to any of those. They have great architecture, lots to see and tons of American tourists that you can have a morning coffe or break bread with. If it's summertime then not Rome or Paris... Winter in Budapest is a bit chilly.

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