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Stanley Vs United States government?

This was a case that happened long ago. Stanley was a U.S. military sergeant who volunteered to particapte in a program which would test the effiectiveness of clothing against chemical warfare. Unknown to the thousands of military men that all volunteered they were given huge doses of LSD because the army wanted to see the results of what LSD would do to the human body. Years afterwards he suffered massive memory loss, he often had hallucinations, and he sometimes would wake in the middle of the night and beat his wife and kids and forget about what he did in the morning. He became divorced later on, and stanley left the army in 1969 after over a decade of service. 6 years later the army contacted him to ask him about the long-term effects of what the LSD had done to him. It was the first time he knew he was given LSD. He sued the army for destorying his life, however no court would hear the case, it went all the way to the supreme court and i think they rejected, anyone know results?

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    On June 17, the state of Texas put to death by lethal injection John Stanley Faulder, a Canadian who had been convicted in 1977 of murdering Inez Phillips, an oil heiress. Faulder's case received more press attention than most executions these days, mainly because the Canadian government tried to intervene on his behalf and urged Texas governor George Bush to spare his life. Unmoved by arguments that after his arrest Faulder had been denied his right to consult with officials from the Canadian embassy, Bush sent him to the death chamber.

    What went entirely unmentioned by the American press was that 37 years ago Stanley Faulder had been the unwitting victim of medical experiments partially funded by the CIA. According to Faulder's sister, Pat Nicholl, who lives in Jaspar, Alberta, "At 15 Stanley was arrested for stealing a watch and sent to a boys' home for six months. At 17, another theft got him six months in jail. At 22 he was caught in a stolen car and sent to jail in New Westminster, B.C. for two years. There, he asked for psychiatric help and was put in an experimental drug program which involved doses of LSD".

    To read more, please select the link below. Hope this helps!


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    Dude, the Army gave out free acid? Where do I sign up!

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