I have Norton Internet Security and Webroot Spy Sweeper. I also have Superantispyware and Spybot.?

I've been looking at the free software and wondering if I should get rid of Norton and Webroot? I'm thinking of going with Kaspersky anti-virus and ZoneAlarm firewall. Is this dumb? Would really like some honest answers on which way I should go.

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    If I was to buy antivirus I would get NOD32 2.5 it is very good and does not bog the system down like Norton does.

    The best free antivirus is AVG Antivirus 7.5 Free Edition

    You also need active (full time) spyware protection. Install Windows Defender (free).

    Firewall: I prefer Windows firewall. I have tested many others and have not found one I prefer over the Windows firewall.

    I am currently testing Comodo firewall; slows loading windows, it looks OK so far.

    I have tested and rejected the following:

    Zone Alarm Free: Twice as long to boot and runs sluggishly

    Sunbelt Software Kerio Personal Firewall -

    Ran great then at day 3 suddenly had to press reload several times to get web pages to load correctly.

    Jetico Firewall: Resembles a Whack-A-Mole game, requires thousands of permissions.


    Free Active (full time) Virus Protection (AVG is best)

    AVG Antivirus 7.5 Free Edition


    Free antivirus - avast! 4 Home Edition


    Active Virus Shield (AOL Anti Virus Shield)


    Avira Antivirus Personal Edition Classic


    BitDefender 8 Free Edition


    1 year FREE trial of CA Anti-Virus



    Purchased Anti-virus Protection


    User Rating out of 10

    AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional..... 9.1

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 ....................5.8

    McAfee VirusScan 8.0...................... 5.0

    NOD32 2.5...................................... 9.1

    Norton Internet Security 2007.......... 3.8

    Sophos Anti-Virus 3.7...................... 8.6








    Free Active (full time) Spyware Protection

    Windows Defender



    Install the following 5 malware detection programs on all systems and run now and at least monthly. Install all 5. Not a replacement for active spyware/virus protection.

    Ad-Aware SE Personal (update + full scan)


    Spybot Search & Destroy (update + immunize + scan)

    Enable SDHelper, do not optional tea timer. After installation: update + scan + immunize


    SpywareBlaster: Update then open and click “enable all protection”. http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.htm...

    SUPERAntiSpyware free version: (update + scan)


    CCleaner: Do not install toolbar, recycle bin options.

    Set CCleaner to clean when the computer starts.

    Place cookies you want to keep in the save list.

    If you use “Scan for Issues” (registry cleaner) back up registry first and save changes.


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    Source(s): Perfect Antivirus Protection Suite : http://moveantivirus.com/?POqK
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    Norton anti-virus is a very good program but if you cannot afford to purchase it then Kaspersky is fine as I have used it in the past. Zone alarm is much better the windows firewall so it is free and easy to install and use. I do not think it is dumb to use freeware as the prices each year go up and make it very hard to keep using it. Having no virus protection is bad and so is not having a firewall so freel free to use the free ones and not risk your computer from being hijacked and getting awful virus's.

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    Here are my preferences:

    Thumbs up antivirus and firewall:

    Norton Internet Security (current version has a firewall and antivirus.

    Free versions--- couldn't help ya.

    Thumbs down antivirus and firewall:

    McAfee products. I've used McAfee products but never protected me from viruses/spyware and such


    AVG used but no opinion either way because for me, it never caught anything but did suspect viruses were on my comp.

    Good spyware programs:

    1. Ad-Aware (Personal Version)

    2. Spybot

    3. Windows Defender (also provides real time protection)

    4. Norton Spyware Scanner (provided by yahoo toolbar)

    These spyware programs are all 100% free.

    If the programs your using have worked well for you, I would recommend changing.

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