want to buy a new SUV?

I would like to purchase a new SUV very soon.

The ones I have considered are:

1. 4runner: It is beautiful but pricey

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee: Love the ride! I really really like this one but I heard they are very unreliable

3. RAV4: good gas millage, and not too big but very very overpriced for the v6

4. Honda pilot: Nice and comfortable but it drives like a minivan and looks bad

5. Xterra: Nice looking, cheaper than the rest, but the ride is harsh talking about barf bag

Which one do you suggest? and why? and do I need to consider some other SUVs?

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    1. Toyota...can't go wrong, truck last you till easy 200,000, but like you said...pocket book OUCH! And it doesn't break down often, like 1 out of 5 times compared to others, but be warned, Toyotas are not cheap to maintain.

    2. Stay clear of the Cherokee's. Haven't seen the newest one, the new style. But I have seen every Cherokee out there for the past 15 yrs. And every dealer I have ever dealt with hates them for they are junk and nothing but problems and repairs.

    3. Toyota again, can't go wrong. Yes, same pocket book ouch, pretty much same with all Toyota's. Supply and demand, when you know you have a good product, you can hold higher prices.

    4. Honda good as well, same stats pretty much as Toyota. Prices can be more fair. I'd look at the Odessy before I looked at the pilot, just for the fact it drives like a over sized Accord.

    5. Nissans are decent, some good, some bad. Xterra from what I have seen is not all that. See many banged up, that bump out on back for first aid is always crushed in from backing up against something. Interior seems to come apart pretty easy over age.

    I play with cars cause I service dealers used car departments, I do the paint, scratch, etc repairs on the inventory. So I am around, touch, drive, move, used cars all the time, many per day and I see first hand over n over what cars have what issues. I don't follow Car n Driver or anyone else cause anyone can be bought to print what info they want.

    SUV's in general I'd watch. Market lately for cars in general is bad but SUV's has hit rock bottom. Dealers can't give them away and almost no one comes shopping for them.

    I myself have watched my work truck, Blazer deprecitate so fast it makes my head spin. A year ago I owed like $5k and she had a value of around $9k. Today, she's worth $5k, loss of $4k in one year.

    Trailblazer is a decent SUV, rides nice, comfortable, plenty of room. But the inline 6 is a dog, the older Blazer (mine) will smoke a Trailblazer with ease. Being most recent Chevy, she has many quirks in her and right off you will be at the dealer getting a list of items fixed. But w/ warranty, least its not out of pocket and its not all that expensive for what it is, specially if 1 yr used.

    I love Lexus and am a 11 yr expert with them....but the RX330 is just a dressed up Rav4 no matter who says what....and the new SUV is just past ugly, looks like its gonna tip over. Not too happy with Lexus and some recent designs they have put out....seems like they are losing an edge in the design department.

    Ford, Mercury, Land Rover....save your cash and time, you'll live in service departments in order of backwards to what I listed.

    Benz....worthless.....over priced for what it is, hidden Chrysler. BMW is just as bad, more for name than function. " Oh look at me, I drive a BMW" who cares. Its metal with wheels, we all have the same.

    GMC, Buick, Saab, Isuzu....all GM and all just the Trailblazer redressed, so prices are higher for junk added.

    I have used 8 Chevy Blazers in a row as a work truck. I have searched for a new truck for years and even I can't find one that is even worthy of being an SUV anymore. I do like the Nissan Murano...been looking at that one for a bit.

    If you want true SUV, space, function, power, hauling, pulling, easy to fix, cheap to fix, tons of parts, aftermarket, etc.....1 choice....older style 2 door Chevy Tahoe.

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    Check out Honda's element. Not much to look at but is the most functional SUV out there. It is suprisingly spacious. You've gotta drive one to appreciate it. You can get one loaded out with all options for about $21K.

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    I am currrently driving a Suzuki Grand Vitara. They remodelled them last year and look great. It has a smooth ride, good power and cost low 20's. Its been great so far.

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    If/when the poster of this message buys an SUV because he thinks hes cool. Consider him rich trash and a tool.

    You ignorant piece. Do you even have kids?

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    1 decade ago

    Buick Enclave.

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    #1 is "pricey" but it's worth every penny, and it's VERY reliable, unlike, say, a Range Rover, which is pricey only.

    You can also get it with a V8 if you think you need it.

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    for reliability, take the honda. For a smooth ride, lots of features, and the ability to drive up a mountain, take the jeep. Screw the 4 runner, and the rav 4. Thay are prissy and weak. The xterra okay i guess, never drove one to comment.

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    try a ford escape. maybe an explorer if you need a little more room. actually better engineered than anything on your list.

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    i hope you know that gas will soon be 5 dollars a gallon............

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