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Bank closed credit card account without notice?

My Bank of America credit card expired 02-07, I called the Bank yesterday, because I haven't recived a new card. that's When I found out they closed My credit card Account when I asked the lady why, She told me if wasn't because of the payments they were always in time. But she didn't give me any more information.

Does anyone have any idea?

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    I'm a little confused by the way you worded that - I'm assuming you always made your payments on time. Did you use the card much? If there was a lot inactivity, they may have closed it.

    Personally, I would call them back and "demand" (nicely) answers. If the representative that answers the phone (most of these are just people who can answer questions regarding payments, etc. They have no real power), ask for a manager or someone who can answer the question.

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    Call the Credit card Corporate office to find out why. They may be going out of business. There are lots of other better cards out there shop around.

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