Christening Gift?

What is the appropriate money gift for a christening? Any help would be great

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    Whatever you can afford should be allright. A $50 savings bond is a good present, a cute piggybank with a bit of cash in it, a silver rattle or drinking cup or a child's silverware set, all nice.

    I think for a friend, invited to the ceremony, $25 would be OK.For Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, $25-$50. And for the Godparents, a little more, if possible. After all, the Godparents are promising to raise the child in the religion of the parents if something should happen to the parents. For them, a religious present, and cash or another secular gift would be appropriate.

    Of course, if you can afford it, and want to, I'm sure more would be welcomed.

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    It depends on your relation to the person being christened. If it is an infant and you are a friend of the parents, then $20 is ample. If you are the godparent, usually a gold cross or religious charm are given. Sometimes gemstones of the child's birth month (i.e. ruby for July) are given, say in a pair of earrings for a girl.

    If you don't want to do a gift other than money, $20 for starters, then go upwards from there. Uncles and aunts - $50 is plenty, but you can always give more.

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    My daughter received alot of Savings Bonds for her christening. That might be an alternative for you rather than giving cash. I would say depending on how close you are to the parents either $25 or $50 if you still want to give cash.

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    Depends on your income, I'd say $50 is decent. A savings bond will increase in value over the years

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    The amount you can afford should be acceptable.

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