How many years will a bank let you take out a loan for on a 2004 Ford F150 4x4 ext cab?

The truck has 50k miles on it and is in excellent shape.Do banks gives out 6 year loans now?I have only ever had 5 year loans.If yes,how old can a vehicle be before they wont let you have 6 years to pay it back?Thanks.

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    It depends on the bank and their policies. If you are eligible to join a credit union, you should check with them. If you are not eligible through your employer, there are a lot of community credit unions now, and you can often get better financing terms and rates through a credit union. I looked in the N.A.D.A guide and the truck is worth between $17,425 - $21,125, depending on which model. There is also a slight deduction for high mileage, but not too severe. Yes, banks and credit unions do have 72 month terms on auto loans these days.

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    My father and mom have a 2004 F150 ext cab 4x4. The bought it new in 04 and there is about 80,000 miles on it. My father is unbelieably confusing on vehicles and the in reality issue they have had became even as they were given a flat tire once, the spare does no longer decrease down. That became fastened for like $50. so some distance because the truck is going, i like it. it truly is rather ordinary to emphasise and such. i visit't imagine of something else truly to assert about it, besides the undeniable fact that it truly is a rather reliable truck

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    each bank is different but some do offer 6 year loans

    but how much is the truck it cant be more than $16,000 if its a 2004 but remember the longer the loan the more intrest you end up paying

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    It depends on your credit if you have great credit you can get up to 84 months average the most you will get is 60 months most prime banks will do it

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