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low carb, low fat, etc.?

What is to be considered low carb? 30 mg or less? Low fat? 10 or less? Low calorie? 100 or less? Low Cholesterol? 30 mg or less? Low Sodium? 40 or less? High fiber? 5 or more?

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    Low carb 20g or less. Low fat 10g or less. Don't worry about calories - too vague a notion because different carbs give up energy at different rates. Low sodium 0.5g or less. High fibre 5g or more.

    Eat low glycemic index carbs like beans and oats. Choose wholegrain foods as these tend to be lower GI than refined foods. Low GI means that the carbohydrate breaks down into glucose more slowly than high GI. The good thing is you still feel full on low GI foods even though you are getting a lower calorie hit or lower glycemic load.

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    low carb depends on what phase you are on. Induction is 20 grams. then you start to move upwards from there.

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