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automobile questions?

1) Whats your favourite car? I love the new nissan quest, I know its a family van, I am single but I just love it.

2) How does GPS navigation work, is it like mapquest? Is there a voice that gives directions on which turns to make, does it say take the next left or take a left after 2.3 miles?

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    favorite car? have to got with the cadillac STS. looks sweet, has a V8 with a 6-speed. ooohhh. shivers just thinking about it.

    GPS? gps is the network that ALL gps readers use for positioning. it is the brand of reader that you get (mapquest, TomTom, etc.) that voices out to you your directions.

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    I like many cars namely maybachs, Ferraris, etc., etc., but the one car I love is the Mercedes Benz S-Class.....I just love that car because only an S-Class can beat an another S-Class.....

    Aaaah ...about gps navigation system, Its not the voice that gives the directions to the car, instead the car gps system recieves the signals from the satellite and the onboard computers gives the direction to the car, Its all done by the computer programming codes and not the voice I guess............NMN

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