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    長處/Strength : I am a quick learner and excited with new challenges. I am also motivated and interested with this job. With my ability to learn and industrious nature, I am sure I can handle this job or more. I am also very efficient in work, and I have a track record of never allowing any task/project being delayed. I am also a team player and teamwork is also my focus in a work environment.

    短處/To be improved : (even you want to put it, you should not say much)

    During job interview, you should not bring up 短處, ( shortcomings) since

    you need to show your strength, not your 短處.

    hope all helps.

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    I haven no work experience. I would like to work here because I interested in this work. More important is I belive I be bound to have a good future. I would be work hard and learn things from another colleague. I belive that a have a ambition mindset and great manner. I hope I can work threre with you.


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