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how to setup Gmail in sony ericsson w810i?

Hello, please help me in setting up gmail in my new phone sonyericsson w810i. please give me details

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    Firstly the settings fo the gmail account are as follows

    Messaging --> email --> settings --> Account settings --> New Account

    You are asked to create an account name.


    Once that is done, you automatically move on to the setup screens.

    Connect Using: GPRS Data Account, not WAP. In my case Orange Internet

    Protocol: POP3

    Incoming Server:

    Incoming Port: 995

    Encryption --> Incoming Server: SSL

    Encryption --> Outgoing Server: SSL

    Username: (or

    Password: your password

    Outgoing Server:

    Outgoing Port: 465

    Email Address: (or

    Download: Whatever your preference is

    From Name: Whatever you want

    Signature: Your signature

    Copy Outgoing: off

    Check Interval: Whatever your preference

    Then Download the Certificates From

    Unzip this and within it you will find 3 certificates. All you have to do is transfer this to your phone either via the USB cable or as i did by bluetooth to the phone. Once the phone recieves it it will ask you to accept it and install it. it will then be saved to your phones memory and show up under the security > certificates section on your phone.

    Thats is it. You can now send and recieve emails using your phones email client without any error messages

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    the main properly known differences- are digicam high quality and memory and Walkman interface and length. I do think of the k800i like its predecessor the k750i will go through an identical problematic joystick the place simply by fact the w810i is greater button based. (I artwork in a telephone shop and we had this way of large form of maintenance for joystick issues) The k800i is plenty larger yet many places are beginning as much as furnish away the m2 playing cards. i come across that a 2 mega-pixel photos off my w800i-are extremely good, even whilst on my laptop show screen. The k800i has a function called terrific percentwhich takes 9 %. in a row so which you get 9 %. interior a pair of seconds. purely ask your self whats the main needed function you prefer- and ideally get a demo from a telephone shop! wish this helps ;D

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