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can i eat spicy foods in pregnacy 8 weeks?

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    You can eat spicy foods when ever you want during your pregnancy, as long as you don't get heartburn.

    Source(s): I craved Jalapenos during my pregnancy. My doctor said it was no big deal
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    Is it OK to eat spicy food during pregnancy?

    It's fine to eat spicy foods while you're pregnant, as long as you feel OK while you're eating them.

    I ate spicey food nothing happened 2 me i even got 2 told 2 make curry when my daughter was 42 weeks nd we wanted her out we made the hottest curry you could ever think of lol it made ma mouth burn like n e thing didnt affect baby at all sh stayed there untill i got induced.

    While you're pregnant, you should avoid eating the following things:

    soft mould-ripened cheeses, such as Camembert and Brie, and blue-veined cheeses

    any type of pâté

    any food that isn't properly cooked, especially undercooked meat and raw or undercooked eggs (always make sure that food is piping hot all the way through before you eat it)

    shark, swordfish or marlin

    Source(s): mum of 22mth old girl. and angel girl in heaven 14/8/06 and 24.2weeks baby in bump
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    Do you think mexicans or indians cut out peppers when their pregnant? If you want spicy foods, and they dont bother you then why not? If you eat it now, and continue into breast feeding it wont bother your baby the same as it would if you didnt eat any of it until after you've had the baby. Enjoy!

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    gee if you're even thinking about eating spicy food you mustn't have morning sickness that bad then lucky you!! yes you can eat what ever you want just be aware of heartburn and that

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    I did and my children turned out fine. During my first pregnancy I craved jalapenos but during my second they about killed me. I don't see why it would hurt your baby but you might feel the after effects.

    Make sure and have tums near by just in case.

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    Yes you can eat whatever you want if your belly gets upset drink some vitamin D milk Congrats

    Source(s): mother of 3
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    yes yes yes!! I love spicy foods. i eat them still till this day.. and im 36 weeks.. Eat up hun! :-)

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    I LOVE spicey foods and ate it during my pregancy (in the beginning) but then lost all taste for it when I started to get terrible shouldn't bother the baby but it can give nasty indigestion to you!

  • well u can eat spicy stuff if u want but i would recomand haveing lots of tums around afterwards

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