My ipod still wont even turn on what now?

For 2 days now I have had my ipod plugged into the comptuer and my charger,* i kept swiching when i checked it* It wont even let me turn it on. pleas hlp

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  • 1 decade ago
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    iPod won't turn on

    Find out what to do if your iPod won't turn on.

    Several things could prevent iPod from turning on. Check each cause in this order to find out what's wrong.

    Make sure the Hold switch is off

    Check to see if the Hold switch is on. It's located on the top of iPod. When it's in the on position, you'll see an orange patch.

    To turn the hold switch off, slide it until you no longer see the orange patch.

    Press any button to turn on iPod.

    Make sure the battery is charged

    iPod won't turn on if the battery is empty. Instead, a low battery screen appears for about 3 seconds when you try to turn it on.

    To charge your iPod, connect your iPod to your computer's built-in 6-pin FireWire or high-powered USB port or connect it to the Apple iPod Power Adapter and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet. Note: iPod models without a Click Wheel cannot be charged via USB. iPod shuffle requires a high-power USB port to charge. iPod nano and Fifth Generation iPod can charge via USB or FireWire, but they require USB to sync with iTunes. If you're not sure what iPod model you have, click here.

    If you are connecting via USB and the battery is completely discharged, there may be up to a 30-minute delay before iPod powers up. Click here for more information.

    Reset iPod

    If iPod still does not turn on or appears to be "frozen" you may need to reset it. When you reset iPod all your songs and files are saved. Some customized settings may be lost.

    Let iPod's battery drain

    In rare cases, iPod might get into a state in which it needs to be drained completely before it can be reset. If iPod didn't turn on after you reset it, follow these steps:

    Disconnect iPod from all power sources and leave it disconnected for about 24 hours.

    Reconnect iPod to the Apple iPod Power Adapter or computer and reset it.

    Update iPod's software

    If iPod turns on after you reset it, download the latest version of the iPod Software Updater, and update iPod.

    Additional information

    If you have tried the solutions above and iPod still won't turn on, check the following:

    Make sure iPod is the only device in your FireWire or USB chain. Disconnect everything but the mouse, keyboard, and your iPod, then see if it will turn on.

    Make sure you are using the FireWire or USB cable that came with your iPod, and that the cable is in good condition.

    Try connecting iPod to the built-in port of a different computer to see if that works.

  • Aileen
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    4 years ago

    Try on of the these solutions: 1. Take it off hold (common mistake) 2. Press the menu and center button (at the same time) to restart it. Do that until the Apple symbol comes up. This means its restarting the ipod 3. Just put it on the charger and leave it. Wait a couple of hours 4. If all else fails, call the Help number it gives in the instructions.

  • 1 decade ago

    You most likely need a new battery for your ipod. You have to replace it every 2 or 3 years through some company...ask about it next time you go to best buy.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your ipod's battery probley ran out

    you have to send it back to the company to

    get it charged. I suggest an mp3 player with

    a changeable battery

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you have been charging it for 2 days, i think the battery is overcharged. or check to see if you have the 'hold' button on. you can try pressing the play and menu buttons at the same time for a few seconds to reset it.

  • 1 decade ago

    i know that if it gets stuck on, you can turn the hold switch on the off and then right after doing that, hold down "menu" and the center button until it restarts abd the apple appears on the screen

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    bring it to Best Buy or wherever you bought it. Hopefully they can fix it.

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