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Suppose James Cameron's claim about Jesus's bones is true...?

...presuming some viable cellular residue was found and cloned, would the resulting being be just a mortal human who shared the Messiah's DNA, or would the clone be divine in his (His?) own right?

(Yes, I understand this would be's a hypothetical.)


Oh yes, and which worship service would he attend on Sunday?

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    Bill, in all the time I have seen your intelligent and eloquently written responses and gotten a gander of your avatar, I never realized your can read "Spite" until this moment. Now I know you're cool.

    Ah, IF the bones were Jesus' then it would be proof positive the poor, crucified man never ascended, which means that his clone would just be a normal, mortal human. Wait...did I say proof positive? I meant, at least until the Christians began saying "Oh, we knew his body didn't rise, just his soul." And when we say "But wait, it was always said that Jesus' body was gone from the grave on the third day", we'll still hear, "That didn't mean it wasn't buried elsewhere. It was his SOUL that ascended. Why do you care so much about his body? Do you HATE GOD?" (my favorite nonsensical question). And how does one answer that? How can I hate someone I don't believe in? Hmm. Much of the Christian community isn't listening anyway.

    As for which Sunday service he'd go to, I'd say any one that called him the son of the son of God, or the grandson of God. Hell, it's nice to be worshiped once in a while, you know? If a whole bunch of people were celebrating me, genuflecting and crying with joy at my picture, I'd want to join in the celebration too! I'd stand at the podium gloriously, in robes and cute little heels, with a tiara on my head, and greet my minions with "Well, isn't it about time I got some recognition?"

    Now Bill, please don't choose my answer as best because I flattered you in the beginning. Choose the best one based on the responses you receive. But just remember I love you. I love you, Bill. Pick me.

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    James Cameron's trying to get his career back on track by giving the audience something jarring and controversial (and we all know how TV just LOVES controversy, whether it's actually founded in something meaningful or not).

    EDIT: I didn't see this, but how on Earth did he determine that the remains he found (if that's what the show was about) were Jesus'? Did he find DNA samples of Jesus just lying around with which he could compare them to? Was he granted permission by the Vatican to scientifically examine the blood stains on the Shroud of Turin (which sound even LESS likely)?

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    I used to think he was a good director but he proved himself to be a worse Idiot ever. I don't care if he did find it or not but he should not be doing this at this point in time. He is being a real moron and trying to use the religious and political climate to make money and the conservatives will pounce on liberals.

    He should stop this crap. Dang its not Titanic it is Jesus and it will affect billions of peoples lives. Where the heck did God keep his brain.

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    If the messiah were cloned, he would have Hebrew DNA and wouldn't go to any Sunday service...he'd go on the sabbath

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    Assuming that James Cameron's 'Geraldo' moment came true, he would be the first person to actually validate the existence of a Jesus of Nazareth.

    However, that doesn't mean that the person was divine, just that we'd gotten over the first hurdle, to confirm his existence.

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    A crude attempt to make money, it was already debunked 30 years ago, No bones of Jesus,Sorry

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    No, James Cameron did no longer declare he got here upon Jesus' bones. he's discussing the certainty that 27 years in the past, a tomb replaced into unearthed which had 10 caskets, and 7 years in the past, the names inscribed on the tombs have been deciphered: Jesua, son of Joseph, Mary, Mary, Mathew, Jofa and Judah, son of Jesua. He and his producer declare that by DNA sorting out and biblical analyze, that those coffins belong to Jesus and his kin. he's preserving a press convention the following day.

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    Well it would mean that jesus didn't go to heaven.

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