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Opening a pet supply store, do you think it could be worth it?

What are the best ideas to open a pet supply store?

Generall pet stuff?

Cute pet stuff that is grossly over-priced but sells anyways because everyon wants clothes and jewelry for their dogs?

Natural pet foods and such?


Also, would it be a dumb idea to adopt out pets? Take in oops litters, vet check them and get vaccinated when needed, then charge $100-200 for a cat/dog that would have otherwise wound up in a shelter. Take the animals home at night and treat them like pets, not property like most petstores do.

Keep a list of breeders and put potential owners in touch with them?

I dunno, I'm a scatter brain formulateing pipe-dream after pipe-dream...


By adopt I meant in terms of like you would adopt from a shelter, as aposed to buy like you would from a pet store normally. I'm not sure how you got the term "renting" out of that... No, animals should allways go to a forever home, but I would foster them until they found that. Sort of like the ultimate no-kill shelter. Just to clarify that.

Update 2:

Oh, I understand why you thought I meant renting. Sorry, my typo.

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    You have basically presented a lot of good ideas and I think it would be a great idea - depending on where you would have your store. Like the real estate people say - location, location, location is everything!

    I go along with you are everything you said with the exception of "renting" or adopting out dogs - especially if the person or persons are only going to have the dog for a very short time and then bring it back, to be "Adopted" again later.

    Dogs who have had many "Masters" in the past are rather hard to control and get along with because another "Owner" will just confuse them. In the end the Dog ends up homeless because no one wants it has become confused and withdrawn!

    Its kind like a Lady that has been married eight or nine times, if you get the drift!

    Not good for the Dog - not good for the people who "Adopt" it out!

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): a realist and a dog lover.
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    If you do open a pet supply store, here are my suggestions based on what I would like as a customer:

    1. Have higher end stuff than say PetCo. Carry the holisitc pet foods. Get to know some good naturopathic remedies for common pet ailments and sell homeopathic or naturopathic remedies.

    2. Please do not sell pets! Too many pet stores do this and it's really such a raw deal for the poor animals. Animals are living things, not commodities for profit. Selling pets encourages impulse buying and then the poor pet ends up neglected or in the shelter.

    3. Perhaps incoporate some alternative services for massage (don't laugh, I'm a massage therapist and my dog loves getting a massage), pet accupuncture, etc. Keep it reasonable though, I'd stay away from the pet psychics!!

    Although your idea of adopting out pets is noble, I would stay away from it. Let the shelters, who excel at adopting out pets, do that. Let the animal rescue groups, who excel at rescuing and caring for sick or neglected animals, do that.

    Whatever you do with your shop, make sure you create a market for yourself by doing it right and well. Don't do anything half way...there are enough shops out there doing that. Go into say PetCo or PetSmart or whatever is in your area and see what they are NOT doing...then try to incorporate those elements into your place.

    And above all, do what you LOVE, that way you'll be great at it!

    Good luck!

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    Unless you are high-end and specialized, the modern business model does not provide longevity to a specialized business in the box-store competition world we now live in.

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