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best vision/dental and health insurance for seniors?

Hi, I am shopping around for best and affordable vision/dental/health insurance plans for my mom who is 58 years old. She doesn't have any coverage right now. Any ideas what companies are there that offer these plans at affordable rates?


For Houston, Texas.

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    Blue Cross is pretty good..

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    The poster above is right. Medicare has not something to do with income or possessing a enterprise, it somewhat is Medicaid which curiously like your mom and dad won't qualify for with any enterprise income. It does not sound like they're sixty 5 and older meaning that they don't look to be eligible for any information perfect now. attempt your community wellness branch. Many counties have an astounding wellness branch which frequently delivers physicals, drugs etc on a sliding scale (certainly lots extra value-effective that buying out of pocket). and that i agree, the fee of buying for an coverage plans perfect now may be somewhat costly. you're able to be able to additionally wait till the 'severe danger' coverage pool starts up later this year as component of the wellness Reform.

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    Perhaps look into medicaid. If she is working the company may offer insurance benefits.

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    Theres some good information on health insurance, getting good deals and general info etc here hope it helps.

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