how can i get the district attorney in Harris county to drop charges i filed against someone?

I only wanted the person removed from my property and they filed charges of criminal trespassing/criminal misch against him, that's not what I wanted. Now he has to go to court and no telling what they will do do him. they kept pushing me to press charges against him. How can I convince them to drop the charges? What can I do if they don't drop it, to make sure he gets just a fine...not probation or jail time. I need help on this matter. If anyone knows anything please help. Thanks

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    The only charge you cannot stop in Texas, being alive, is a Family Violence charge. Tell the DA you no longer wish to pursue charges and will not cooperate with the prosecution. It will be dropped. I did extensive work with the Harris County DA's Office and they will drop it trust me. Especially if you refuse to cooperate or say in court you will reverse your testimony.

    The only reason they will try and force the issue is if the person arrested is a real turd and they want it flushed from society.

    Next time though, the police may be very unwilling to help you as you got a lot of people involved in something for nothing. So expect it.

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    Oh boy, I know you wish you would have thought that one out. The thing is once you press charges against someone its not you against them its them against the State. The only thing that you can do is to express to the judge that you are in favor on lenacy against him. Usually that State will not pursue charges against someone if the plaintiff wants them dropped, but that is their option. Good luck

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    Well, you can ask him.

    Unfortunately, with alot of domestic violence cases, the victim often backpeddles and wishes to drop the charges. Most police now days will press charges themselves because of this.

    If you don't want the law involved, don't call them. That is the message.

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    You can tell the DA that you do not want to press charges

    but that is about it....

    The DA can do whatever he wants to do as it is a criminal matter.

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