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help home remedy for parvo?

I have a 3 wk old pittweiler puppy with parvo just started showing symptoms this morning am giving her peydialite and have ordered parvogaurd it wull be here in morning any other suggestions can't afford the vet they say 800 up front


oh and if vets werent so expesive and cared more for the animal poor peopel might afford it better some of my answers i have recieved are disturbing on this just because your poor doesnt mean you cant have and love an animal this pup was saved from a litter of parvo pups 3 weeks ago my wife and i have taken special care for her and we treat her like our own child and this hurts us so please {rich people!!} no rude answers please.

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    yes there is. dog die from the dehydration when they have parvo you need electrolyte formula . you need to give your puppy approx. 1-teaspoon ( you may need to use dropper) every 2 hours. it take about three days before you may see improvement so dont give up. . normally you dont see parvo in3 wk old puppies, however the rotti breed have very low immunity to parvo, the mother may not have enough in her system to pass on to the puppy in the milk. your puppy will get very sick and you may think its to late but keep up with the treatment. If she does start to recover dont let her have all she wants in food and water, you will slowly add more to her diet with each feeding. good luck i have saved may puppies that our clients could not afford to pay for vet treatment.

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    There really is no home remedy for parvo, but there are some things you can do... Keep the puppy hydrated, pedialyte is a good start. This pup is NOT going to be able to handle much in her tummy, so give her small amounts (and if she's like my dog, the taste is NOT going to be a favorite). You may need to use a medicine syringe. Give her about half of a syringe full at a time, about every 15-20 minutes (depending on the size of the syringe). If she takes in too much, she'll throw it all back up. If you don't have a syringe, pick one up from the pharmacy. She's going to get very very weak. My dog was 9 months old, had 2 parvo shots and still had a reaction to parvo. Your guy is 3 weeks, with no vaccination. Is this a puppy that was born to your dog, or have you adopted her? Pups shouldn't leave their mother until they're about 7-8 weeks, and part of the reason is that they get anitbodies from the Mother's milk. If Mom was vaccinated against parvo, then pup would have been somewhat protected until she was old enough to get her own vaccination at 7 weeks. Vets don't vaccinate before 7 weeks as it can cause serious physical harm to the puppy.

    Ask around, there are vets every where that are more concerned with the animal than making money. Some only charge what they absolutley HAVE to, and some also allow payment plans. This pup needs to get to a doctor.

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    There is no home remedy! Please take your pup to a vet. I would call every vet in the phone book, starting now. You should be able to find one that will help you in some way. You need to keep your pup hydrated until you get him to the vet so continue the pedialite. I do not think the parvoguard will help if your pup already has parvo. You will also need to move the pup away from any other pups or dogs.

    If this was a litter of pups that you have you will want to move the other pups and mom to another area. Parvo is very contagious, and if the other dogs do not all ready have it, they will catch it if not moved to a new area. You will also want to clean any area the sick pup has been in with bleach and water to try and kill the virus, and wash any blankets the pup has been on with bleach. You will not be able to have the other pups and mom near anything that the sick pup was around. If any other pups get sick move them away from the litter immediately.

    The sick pup is to young to be away from its mom, and that means you will need certain things for the pup. The pup will need a basket or bed of some kind, blankets or towels for warmth, and a light on him to help warm him. You also need to continue the pedialite until you get to a vet. I would try to give it to him in a special puppy bottle or medicine dropper a little at a time so that he can keep it down.

    If this is not a pup from a litter you had then the pup should still be with his mother. He might not even have parvo if this is the case, because there is a lot of things that could make a pup this young get sickif he is not with their mother. The dog should not have been separated at this age, and really should still be nursing exclusively. If you have this pup and he is not from a litter that you bred then you still need to take the pup to a vet asap, because there is no telling what might be wrong with him, and he will need put on a special puppy formula and feed every few hours with a bottle until he is a few weeks older. If he makes it through whatever he currently has wrong woith him.

    You need to take your pup to the vet right now either way, because he will most likely die if you do not. If this was a litter of yours, you should also take your other pups and mom to the vet too, and have them tested for parvo. It will be better to find out if they are sick before they show signs of illness, because the treatment is more likely to work if they are not already weakened by the virus. I hope this helps and please find a way to take your pup to the vet. Good Luck.

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    Being rich has NOTHING to do w/ having a dog! There are no home remedies for parvo, treating that disease is intense and requires vet supervision and care. Parvo is a very expensive disease to treat, and it is contagious, so if you have other dogs you need to keep them away or they could get it as well.

    I've said this on other boards and I'll say it again - DON'T HAVE A DOG IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT! Pets are almost worse than kids when it comes to their care, and if you can't afford to pay if something unfortunate should happen, then you shouldn't have a dog!

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    " have a 3 wk old pittweiler puppy with parvo"

    There is something wrong with this statement. A 3 week old puppy would be protected by the mothers immune system.

    Also if a 3 week old pup could contract Parvo, there is no way it would survive.

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    There are NO home remidies for Parvo. Your puppie will die if it is not treated properly and only a vet can do that.

    Nothing you do is going to help your pup. This is a horrible death for any dog. Find a way to treat your pup, most vets will do a payment plan. Find one that will.

    Other wise give the pup to your local Human Society so they can give it the help you can't.

    If you cant afford to get your pets the help they need when they get sick then you really shouldn't have a pet until you can afford one.

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    If you cannot afford vet care for your pup then please contact a rescue organization. Parvo is deadly and contagious. You cannot afford to wait 24 hours for treatment. If you have not been to the vet how do you know for sure it is parvo? Take the pup to the vet now-please!

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    GO TO THE VET! there's no home remedy... very below:

    Parvo Diagnosis

    If your puppy is vomiting and/or has diarrhea, take them to your veterinarian immediately. Do not wait. It is crucial for their life and important to recovery to test for Parvo and begin treatment.

    It is much better to spend the money to be safe than to wait a day only to see your puppy worsen, and lessen the chances of recovery. We strongly encourage taking any sick puppy to the vet right away at the first signs of illness. Your vet will do a quick test for the Parvo virus and start the critical supporting therapies.

    Current statistics show that without treatment 80% of puppies die; with treatment 80% survive.

    Parvo Treatment

    Treatment for the Parvo virus consists of supporting the dog by preventing dehydration and using antibiotics to help prevent a very likely secondary infection. We added vitamins, herbs and homeopathic remedies to boost the immune system.

    More than just avoiding dehydration, it is vital to maintain cellular fluid balance.

    If your dog refuses to allow you to give them electrolytes via mouth (using a bulb or syringe) or they are not taking in enough fluids, you need to consult with your vet to get them on parental therapy injections. Enemas are encouraged to aid in fluid uptake.

    During this extreme challenge to the intestines and stomach (and possibly the heart) it is important to keep the fluid balance normal in the blood stream to keep the kidneys functioning, while allowing time for the dog's immune system to combat the virus.

    In the early stages of advanced treatment, subcutaneous injections of intravenous fluids (IV or parental therapy) help maintain fluid balance. Vitamins are used to help boost the immune system.

    Later stages may require IVs with multiple electrolytes interchanged with dextrose added to supply energy. Intravenous Vitamin C is used to combat the virus, and vitamin K is used to help blood clotting.

    Protect Your Puppy

    Don't take you puppy to areas that many dogs gather, such as pet stores or dog parks. Keep them away from all dogs until a titer (blood test) infers that a Parvo vaccination has given your puppy immunity. GO!

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    Check out this website

    Their treatment for parvo is recommended by a lot of the holistic and homeopathic Yahoo Groups lists.

    Another thing is Colloidal Silver, if you can find it. It can be used as an enema and will kill bacteria in the intestinal tract. It can also be given orally.

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    How do you know the puppy has parvo? Did the vet diagnose her? Do not treat her with parvoguard unless there is a proper diagnosis.

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