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    The AN Er Bo is especially ·Einstein(the Albert Einstein, March 14th in 1879-April 18th in 1955), well-known theories physicist, the founder of the theory of relativity.

    [Edit] all one's life

    DO not move young Einstein Einstein whom Italy lives a front to was born in German black Er Mu a small owner family that conducts the electrical appliance workshop.While moving into Munich with the whole family after year.In 1894, again the whole family moved to the Italian Milan.He turned to learn to the state of Switzerland A Lao City to sign a high school in 1895.1896 enters Su the Li a life time federal industrial university teacher Fan department a learning physics, graduating in 1900.Obtained Switzerland nationality in 1901.Was employed by the Bo Er Ni Switzerland patent bureau for the technician in 1902, the technique Jian that worked on invention patent an application settled a work.He makes use of amateur time to open the exhibition science research, obtaining historic achievement in the physics three different realms in 1905, especially the establishment and the light quantum theory of the special theory of Relativity put forward, pushing physics the revolution of the theories.At the same year, with thesis 《the new measurement method of the numerator size 》, obtain Su the Li a life time federal the Ph.D. degree of the industrial university.

    The character and thought

    Einstein is a pacifist, he behaves kind amicability, the modest but again is personal independence of conduct in the meantime, is extensively respected thus.He sometimes will speak a joke, and love to sail and pull violin.He is still an absent-minded professor, usually throwing three fall four, concentrate on to consider a physical problem and ignore surroundings of world.

    religious standpoint

    Though Einstein is a Jew, he doesn't believe in Judaism, he just praises highly the beauty of the universe and natures.March 24th in 1954, in give a worker's letter in reply, he said:"You read to of concerning my letter teach of the parlance is certainly a lies, a lies that is repeated systematically. I don't believe God of the personify, I also deny never but is expressed this clearly. if have in my heart what can be called it is religious words, that is this world that cans announce to public to our science of structure of infinite admiration.";

    He still says:(see 《life philosophy(the Living Philosophy) 》13 periods, 1931)"We ignore the knowledge that the thing of the solution exists, and we are acceptable to those our consciousnesses inmost reason logically and the feeling composing of the most beautiful thing we to the godliness of the religion. on this meaning, but only on this meaning, I believe deeply a religion."

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    Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in the city of Ulm in Württemberg, Germany, about 100 km east of Stuttgart. His father was Hermann Einstein, a salesman who later ran an electrochemical works, and his mother was Pauline, née Koch.

    When Einstein was five, his father showed him a pocket compass, and Einstein realized that something in "empty" space acted upon the needle; he would later describe the experience as one of the most revelatory events of his life. He built models and mechanical devices for fun and showed great mathematical ability early on.

    In 1889, a medical student named Max Talmud (later: Talmey) introduced Einstein to key science and philosophy texts, including Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.

    In 1894, following the failure of Hermann Einstein's electrochemical business, the Einsteins moved from Munich to Pavia, a city in Italy near Milan. Einstein's first scientific work, called "The Investigation of the State of Aether in Magnetic Fields", was written contemporaneously.

    Works and doctorate

    Einstein in 1905, when he wrote the "Annus Mirabilis Papers"

    Einstein married Mileva Marić on January 6, 1903. Einstein's marriage to Marić, who was a mathematician, was both a personal and intellectual partnership: Einstein referred to Mileva as "a creature who is my equal and who is as strong and independent as I am".

    In 1903, Einstein's position at the Swiss Patent Office had been made permanent, though he was passed over for promotion until he had "fully mastered machine technology".[6] He obtained his doctorate at the University of Zurich after submitting his thesis "A new determination of molecular dimensions" ("Eine neue Bestimmung der Moleküldimensionen") in 1905.

    That same year, in his spare time, he wrote four articles that participated in the foundation of modern physics, without much scientific literature to which he could refer or many scientific colleagues with whom he could discuss the theories. Most physicists agree that three of those papers (on Brownian motion, the photoelectric effect, and special relativity) deserved Nobel Prizes.

    Middle years

    Einstein at the 1911 Solvay Conference.

    In 1906, Einstein was promoted to technical examiner second class. In 1908, Einstein was licensed in Bern, Switzerland, as a Privatdozent (unsalaried teacher at a university).

    In 1911, Einstein became first associate professor at the University of Zurich.

    In 1912, Einstein started to refer to time as the fourth dimension.

    In 1914, just before the start of World War I, Einstein settled in Berlin as professor at the local university and became a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences.

    On May 14, 1904, Albert and Mileva's first son, Hans Albert Einstein, was born. Their second son, Eduard Einstein, was born on July 28, 1910.

    1933: Albert and Elsa set sail for the United States. They settle in Princeton, New Jersey where he assumes a post at the Institute for Advanced Study.

    1936: Elsa dies after a brief illness.

    1939: World War II begins. Einstein writes a famous letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt warning of the possibility of Germany's building an atomic bomb and urging nuclear research.

    1940: Einstein becomes an American citizen; retains Swiss citizenship.

    1949: Mileva dies.

    1955: Einstein dies of heart failure on April 16.

    "Einstein theory triumphs," declared the New York Times on November 10, 1919.

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