Should I take fish oil, Omega-3 or Flaxseed oil supplements?

I don't eat any kind of seafood or red meat. I have SVT, a heart condition, and I read that Omega 3/Fish oil supplements are good for the heart. I went to the store and there are so many different kinds of Omega 3 oil, omega 3, flaxseed. Which one is best? Do they all have the same benefit?

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    Hi Jennifer

    Omega 3 is far better than flaxseed oil for your heart condition.

    Omega 3 contains essential fatty acids (EFA's) which your body cant synthesize so you have to take them in via food or supplements. Cold water fish like salmon are the best source but since you dont eat seafood supplements are the answer for you.

    But not all omega 3's are equal. There are long chain omega 3’s and there are short chain omega 3’s.

    Plant foods such as flaxseed contain the short chain omegas but you really want the long chain ones (containing EPA and DHA fatty acids - you've heard of these right) because these are the ones with the proven health benefits (including heart health).

    The body does convert the short chains into long chains but the process is inefficient and the conversion negligible .

    DHA has recently proven itself to be more beneficial than EPA. Research has begun to pile up which shows that DHA offers greater cardiovascular benefits than EPA. Originally it was thought to be the other way around which is why fish oil supplements always had more EPA than DHA (and most still do).

    So in your case Jennifer the DHA content of the oil you buy is your prime consideration. The oil I use has around 300 mg of DHA while the industry standard is usually 120mg.

    Then to make sure you benefit form that high DHA content you need to use an oil which is in ester form and not in triglyceride form.

    Ester form offers the highest bioavailability (absorption) but very few companies offer that (the one I use is an ester). Finally make sure the oil is molecularly distilled so that all contaminants have been removed. Most oils are not distilled because the manufacturers are too profit focused.

    The resource page below will give you all more details on all of this including the name of the Omega 3 oil I use.

  • Sandra
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    4 years ago

    If you don't object to fish oil (e.g. if you're not a vegetarian), then I would go with the fish oil Omega 3. For optimal health benefits, I would suggest that you don't limit yourself to just Omega 3, but look for supplements that combine different Omega Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). You would want a ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9. I would recommend the fish oils made by Nordic naturals, they're really pure.

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    Hi Jennifer. The best approach is to have your doctor order a blood test of your fatty acid levels. Sadly, most docs don't know about this.

    Here is a quick 'primer' on the essential fatty acids (EFAs). They are essential components of the diet because the body cannot make them.

    There are 2 types of EFAs: omega-3 and omega-6. (Omega - 9 is made in the body.)

    Most people today get too little omega-3 fats in their diet and too much of omega-6 (primarily Arachidonic Acid). Omega-3's are generally 'anti-inflammatory' and omega-6 (the arachidonic acid form) is pro-inflammatory. One type of omega-6 is also anti-inflammatory - it is called GLA - gamma-linoleic acid.

    The 3 major forms of omega-3 in foods are: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), EPA and DHA. Of these 3, EPA and DHA are the most important ones for optimum health. EPA and DHA can be made from ALA (found in linseed oil, for example), but only in very small amounts. Therefore, you want to supplement with EPA and DHA forms of omega-3s - these are found in fish oils.

    You may want to add the good form of omega-6 (the GLA) to your supplementation too. This is found in oils such as Borage oil.

    Fish oil supplements from Nordic Naturals or Carlson labs are excellent.

    Hope this wasn't too complex to be helpful for you. Best wishes.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I've tried all three that you listed although there are many more than that!The best that I've found is Codliver Oil.It comes in two forms liquid and gel capsle.The liquid comes in two flavors:regular(tastes like **** don't get that one) and orange(mmm really good).They also have other products.My daughter is two and she even takes it!!You should try it!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    i use omega 3-6-9 as i have a heart problem too

    take the omega 3-6-9 its the best

  • Larry
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    1 decade ago

    All are equally beneficial. If you don't eat seafood, then try the flaxseed oil.

  • 1 decade ago

    Fish oil is the best . Thats what my doctor sugggests anyway. For high cholesterol my moms doctor too.

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